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For Guidance and Support Call:

The online interactive home study course includes; 14 hours of instructor videos, practice exam questions/answers, references book highlighting recommendations, and exam answer flash scrolls, with instructor support. These study aids will keep you on-track, focused, and minimize the exam preparation time which saves you time during the exam allowing you to locate the correct answers quickly in order for you to "Pass the Exam" the first time. We also stock all the approved exam reference books, book indexes and book tabs designed specifically for this state exam to help you locate the exam answers quickly.

General Low Voltage Online Study Guide Course

          295.00 - General Low Voltage Electrical Contractor (LVU) Technical and Business Exam Online Preparation Course
                        (Includes; online Home Study Guide, Book Highlights, Practice Exams and Answer Scrolls)

General Low Voltage Exam Reference Materials

   Exam Books:

    95.00 - Georgia State Electrical Code, 2014 National Electrical Code
                National Fire Protection Association (NFPA 70), softbound

    55.00 - Contractors Guide to Business, Law, and Project Management
                Georgia Construction Industry Licensing Board, 4th edition. (NASCLA) spiralbound


    19.00 - Employer's Tax Guide, Circular E, 2018 and The Americans with Disabilities Act:
                Your Responsibilities as an Employer - Current, EEOC
                (note: the above pamphlets are printed, tabbed and installed in a 1" white clip binder)

    65.00 - Code of Federal Regulations Title 29, Part 1926 (OSHA), softbound
               Construction Industry Regulations

  234.00 - Subtotal Cost (all state board approved reference books necessary to pass the exam)


     Exam Book Indexes:

    19.00 - Exam index for National Electrical Code, 2014 ed., softbound (NFPA 70)

    16.00 - Exam index for Business and Project Management for Contractors, 2009, 4th ed. spiralbound (NASCLA)

    35.00 - Subtotal Cost (all available book indexes for the state board approved reference books)

Exam Book Tabs:

    16.00 - Exam book tabs for National Electrical Code, 2014 ed., softbound (NFPA 70)

    14.00 - Exam book tabs for Business and Project Management for Contractors, 2009, 4th ed. spiralbound (NASCLA)

    12.00 - Exam book tabs for Employer's Tax Guide - Circular E, 2018 ed. (IRS)

    14.00 - Exam book tabs for Standards for the Construction Industry Code of Federal Regulations
               (Code of Federal Regulations Title 29, Part 1926 (OSHA)

    56.00 - Subtotal Cost (all available book tabs for the state board approved reference books)

        $620.00 - Total Cost (Complete Package - workshop plus all above reference materials)


$595.00 - Live Workshop Only
$295.00 - Online Course Only
$325.00 - Exam Materials Only





Please Note:

►  You must apply with the State of Georgia's low voltage electrical licensing board in order to receive approval to take the low voltage state exam (click here for the state Application). You must also pay the testing company Applied Professional Measurements (AMP) before you can sit for the state examination. www.goamp.com

►  The above materials ship from the State of Florida and a 7% sales tax is charged for book shipments in Florida, other states have no sales tax charged.  Any tax due and shipping cost via UPS ground will be added at the time of checkout. We will need a physical address to ship any materials we do not ship to postal boxes. Shipments to Florida via UPS usually arrive the next business day, shipments to Georgia usually take one to two business days, other states vary depending on location.

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