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For Guidance and Support Call:

These sample questions are not actual licensing test questions but represent examples of questions which could be derived from the State of Georgia Low Voltage Licensing Board approved exam reference books. Once you have registered for a Power Learning Systems workshop, practice exams are included with your Study Guide to help prepare you for this difficult exam.


GENERAL - 60 questions @ 3min., 30 sec. per question in four (4) hours total exam time.

ALARM - 90 questions @ 2min., 33 sec. per question in four (4) hours total exam time.

TELECOM - 85 questions @ 2min., 47 sec. per question in four (4) hours total exam time.

UNRESTRICTED - 105 questions @ 2min. per question in four (4) hours total exam time.

SaMPLE questions:

1. An employee is instantly killed in an accident while on the job. The employer is responsible for burial expenses not to exceed?

                A. $1,000
                B. $7,500
                C. $10,000
                D. employer not responsible for burial expenses

2. Your monthly gross payroll is $100,000. You failed to file reports before an established due date. Your computed monthly fine is?

                A. $20.00
                B. $50.00
                C. $100.00
                D. $500.00

3. ABC Landscape Lighting Company, Inc. has current assets of $74,920 and current liabilities of $34,555. The current ratio for liquidity would be:
                A. 1.31
                B. 2.17
                C. 3.26
                D. 4.11

4. Which one of the following is not a requirement for providing an accessible facility?

                A. to enable a qualified applicant to participate in the application process
                B. to enable a qualified applicant to perform essential job functions
                C. to enable an employee with a disability to enjoy the benefits and privileges available to other employees
                D. to identify employees with disabilities

5. A company service vehicle is purchased in January for $40,000. It's salvage value is $10,000 and it has a useful life of 12 years. Annual straight line depreciation is $ _____.

                A. 2,000
                B. 2,500
                C. 3,200
                D. 4,800

6. In the formula Fe = (T1 / L1) = (T2 / L2) = ... + (Tn / Ln). The symbol Fe represents?

                 A. iron
                 B. the equivalent noise exposure factor
                 D. the level of firestopping equivalent material in an opening
                 D. the amount of light by the variable of time / length

7. All means of interconnecting equipment, devices, and appliances and wiring connections shall be monitored for the integrity of the interconnecting conductors or equivalent path so that the occurrence of a single open or a single ground fault condition in the installation conductors or other signaling channels and their restoration to normal shall be automatically indicated within _____ seconds.

                 A. 175
                 B. 200
                 C. 225
                 D. 250

8. Where off-premises monitoring is provided, records of all signals, tests, and operations recorded at the supervising station shall be maintained for not less than _____ year(s).

                 A. 1
                 B. 1 1/2
                 C. 2
                 D. 2 ½

9. According to UL the amount of alarm protection installed in a system is designated as?

                 A. covered area
                 B. extent of protection
                 C. area of protection
                 D. all of the above

10. The organization issuing fire ratings on building members and materials is?

                 A. Fire Insurance Underwriters

                 B. Underwriters Test Laboratories

                 C. National Fire Underwriters Association

                 D. NFPA 251-1969

ANSWERS:1-B, 2-B, 3-B, 4-D, 5-B, 6-B, 7-B, 8-A, 9-B, 10-D.

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