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A gracious "Thank You" to our past students who have posted testimonials on this page.

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Steve, The course was excellent. That's what made the deal, is the course. The way you have it laid out, the way you go over it with us, the way you work with us, and give us your undivided attention for three or four days. That's what makes it. I do appreciate it very much. I thank you again very much.

Click Here to listen to Bill Akins when he was told he passed the exam!

Bill Akins

Frontier Communications of Georgia
License: LVT305314

The class was AWESOME! In particular, I enjoy the no-nonsense, rapid pace of the course and emphasis on the materials.   It keeps everyone from getting bored, and keeps the process moving. Even the little details, such as how to position your materials during the actual exam, I found very useful. I wouldn't say that it takes a rocket scientist to figure out to take the keyboard and place it behind everything and out of the way, but to be honest, had I not gone to your seminar, it probably wouldn't have crossed my mind. Sometimes it's those small things that can make a difference. I appreciate your help, and thank you for all you have done.


Craig Kerscher / Owner

Rock Creek Communications

License: LVT305454

Dear Steve, The Power Learning Systems workshop was a great experience. Not knowing what to expect on the exam, this workshop really helped me prepare and feel confident that I could do well on the exam. The workshop provided me with a great amount of resources and showed me how to utilize them to help me pass. Steve was a great instructor. He explained things really well and took the extra time to make sure all his students understood the material. As the workshop logo states, "You will Pass the Exam", and that I did!! I highly recommend the workshop to anyone and everyone. It was a great experience!


Steven Han / Technician

Protection Security Systems
License: LVA205865

I have low voltage experience dating back to 1986. I've obtained licenses in multiple States but they have all been extremely difficult and time consuming to obtain. Not knowing what or how to study, or the proper preparation or technique for taking those exams was extremely stressful. Taking the Power Learning Systems workshop took all that stress away. Steve puts things in the proper order, lays out the lessons, teaches the techniques needed to take the exam and minimizes your time per question. This class is so well designed that if you follow his principles for test taking you've just cut out 50% of the stress for taking any exam of this type. The remainder is learned from learning just how to use the code books properly to find information that is always at your fingertips. I would recommend this class to anyone thinking of getting a license in GA and require it of anyone that works for me that I want to get licensed. Thanks Steve for all you information and training. I hope you continue to offer this for many years to come.


Tim Slaughter / Project Manager

Riverview Service, Inc.

License: LVU406193

Steve, Just wanted to let you know that your course is why I passed the exam. When I opened the books I was lost and thought this was impossible but I was going to try. Once I received the study guides, tabs and started taking the practice test things started to come together. During the class all the confusion went away and I became confident that I could find the answers in the books. Your techniques made it easy to understand what the question was asking and how to find it in the book. I would suggest to anyone that is going to take your class to use all the resources that you offer and follow all the instructions before coming to class. A little work every day helps and they too will leave your class with confidents to take the test. Thank you again,


Tony Mosier

License: LVG105512

Steve, The Power Learning Systems is a very well structured class. Even though I studied for the low voltage unrestricted exam for three months prior to the test, without your class I do not think I would have passed this difficult exam the first time. The books and book tabs I purchased from the Power Learning Systems was very helpful in finding the information quickly which was key to passing this test. I liked the way you stated up front that this class is no party and kept the class on schedule to fit everything in in the four days. The online resources and practice test you offer to your students is very helpful in preparing them for the low voltage exam. I just wanted to thank you for your role in my success in passing the low voltage unrestricted exam. I would highly recommend to any one taking the low voltage exam in the future to take the Power Learning Systems class. It is well worth it. Have a Blessed Day

Joey Burns / VP Customer Service

ITR of Georgia Inc.

License: LVU406196

Wow, low voltage boot camp for the mind. I had no idea I was capable of absorbing that much information in that short of a time. Steve you know your stuff! There is NO way I pass the Alarm exam without your workshop. I was nervous going into this thing but by the second day I knew Power Learning systems was living up to its name and reputation. Many thanks to Steve Dale and staff.

P.S. Take the provided practice exams and highlight your books prior to the workshop. This was a big help for me and others I talked with.


John Vann / Installation Manager

Consolidated Banking Service

License: LVA205867

Steve, I cannot thank you enough for holding these workshops. The Georgia test was by far the most difficult test I have taken. Without your workshop and test taking strategies I would not have been able to pass this exam. Your workshop is very well laid out and organized. Your “Tabs” were an absolute must in order to find the info quickly.


Matthew Zupancic

Elite Security

License: LVU406222

My name is Mark Marlow and I attended the recent low voltage data class. This class prepared me for the test far better than I ever could have on my own. The class was focused and right from the beginning it was clear that there were goals and agendas. We did not stray off course and deal with "what ifs" and "I saw this on the job once" type situations. We stayed on course with the course, and the prep work that Steve did was great. It was clear from the beginning that it was not so important that you know the answer, but rather that you know how to find the answer, and since I passed, that formula worked. I strongly recommend this course for anyone that wants to work hard, and succeed. I did. You can too! Have a Great Day!


Mark Marlow / Installation Manager

Blackfin Data

License: LVU406211

Steve thanks so much for the work that you did preparing me to take the Georgia low voltage exam. There is no way that I would have passed the exam without your course. I was very nervous when I sat down to take the exam but after a few minutes I realized that the questions that were on the exam were things that we covered in your workshop. Your method of taking the exam is the only way to insure that you will have enough time to finish. Thanks again and I will recommend you to all that I know who are interested in taking the exam.


Rodney C. Milner / Owner

RPM Services

License: LVU406213

Steve, I really appreciate all the work you and your team put in this workshop. I really believe that without your workshop I probably would not have passed, even if I did pass it would have been much, much more stressful. After taking your workshop I was very confident that not only would I pass, but that this test would be easy AND IT WAS! Your helpful tips made it very easy for me to take the test. Your tabs, and test taking tips were all great information. I want to thank you for again for all of your efforts and I’m sure that your workshop is the best offered in the Low Voltage Field.


Zebadiah Henry / President
INEX Systems and Designs, Inc.

License: LVU406202

Steve, I wanted to take a minute to let you know that your workshop was incredible. Your “test taking strategy” is pure genius. I will continue to use it throughout my career and pass it along to all my students in the future. I highly recommend your course for anyone who is attempting any State licensing exams. Keep up the excellent work, and I hope to see you soon in Florida!!!!

Eric Jones / Engineering Manager
Richardson Technology Systems
License: LVU406207

Hi Steve, Thanks for creating such a simple yet powerful path for success. I passed the test without even opening the books that you provided after attending your course. Thanks again ,

Eddie Shumate / Owner

Satellite Solutions

License: LVG105516

I recently attended Steve’s Low Voltage Workshop in Atlanta. I must admit that the workshop was much more grueling than I imagined it would be. I would highly recommend to future attendees that they do as much preliminary work as possible in preparation for the course. I did not do this and found myself struggling to keep up. There is a lot of material that needs to be covered in a very short amount of time. I can honestly say that without attending the workshop I am sure that I would not have passed the test. I also have an employee that took the workshop last year and passed the test as well. To anyone that is seriously pursuing a low voltage license; Steve’s workshop is the best way to prepare you for this difficult test.


Mike Hasty / President

Hasty’s Communications East

License: LVT000075

The workshop is recommended for anyone that is wanting to only take the test one time. I took this class in 2008 and got my telecommunication license on the first try. I took the class again in 2010 to upgrade my license from telecommunication to unrestricted. Steve has a great class for someone that doesn't have a lot of time to devote to the books.


Mark Tinney / Manager-Partner

Tri-State Data, LLC.

License: LVU406221

Thanks Steve, your coarse and methods helped me score a passing grade. There were some areas I knew I was very weak in and by following your methods of preparing for the test I was able to fill in the gaps. I not only got Steve's knowledge to benefit from but also the experience from the students around me. Some of whom have been in the field for years. The actual exam was more difficult than I had anticipated but I stuck to what I learned in class and received my license. I highly recommend this coarse.

Bob Retter / Technician
Conquest Solutions, LLC
License: LVU406217

Hi my name is Bob Pendleton, I'm a 64 yr. old telecom tech 39 yr. after being laid off and then having to get a low voltage license for Georgia, putting my nose to the book was intimidating to say the least. So I took Steve's class and I couldn’t have passed this test without his help.  It is well worth the cost at 64 it was a God send . Thank you Steve


Bob Pendleton / Owner

License: LVT305461

Steve is the man!!!! I cannot imagine trying to take the Georgia exam without his class, I have taken many exams in my life and this one was the worst, but with Steve's excellent methods and study techniques I was able to pass the exam and get the license. Thanks again and well worth every penny!

Bob Payne / President

Payne Security Systems

License: LVA205850


I am so grateful to Steve Dale and his team for the excellent course that I attended for the unrestricted low voltage license exam. Having only been in the industry a short time to qualify for the exam, I had intended to take the general exam to start with, but decided on the unrestricted after speaking to Steve. Steve made this tough exam passable by using his knowledge and system to concentrate on passing by knowing the places to find the answers in the huge array of books. Thanks again Steve, I will recommend you to anyone that is serious about passing this very difficult exam.

Steve Parsloe / Owner

Mr. Security

License: LVU406178

Steve, It was a pleasure to attend your class in January. It was very informative and you did a great job presenting the material. I highly recommend this class to anybody that is planning on taking and passing the Georgia Low Voltage exam. Keep up the good work. Thank you and your staff for a great experience.


Stephen H. Collins / Manager

Rocking R. International

License: LVT305439


Steve, I had studied the books prior to the class but felt like I was just reading. After taking the class I felt like I was learning. Steve conducts the class in a very professional manner so that all students can learn. I also found it very helpful to meet with other professionals in the low voltage business and share tips and tricks. I have kept in touch with several of my classmates and we have plans to do some business together. The material for the test covers a lot of topics. I was very skeptical about paying extra money to attend a prep class. I had attended prep type classes in the past for other examinations and always left feeling like my money and time could have been spent more wisely. After taking the Power Learning prep class I can say without hesitation that my money and time were both very well spent. Not only do Steve and his team provide a terrific environment to learn and review the material, but Steve also took the time to clear up some potential tricky language that we could avoid while taking the exam. The exam is open book, but the books are massive, after the prep class I was confident that I knew how to locate the information needed in a quick manner.  Albert Einstein was once asked how he knew so much, to which he simply answered, "It is not important what you remember. It is important that you know where to find the answer." This is certainly the case with these tests, and Steve and his team at Power Learning have designed a system that makes understanding and finding the information simple and efficient. Regards,

Shawn Tartaglia / Owner


License: LVG105500


Steve, Thank you so much for dedicating yourself to enable others to PASS the Georgia Low Voltage Contractors Exam.  I felt fairly good about my knowledge going into your class, but the books were still intimidating to say the least.  Your systematic approach to the books relieved a lot of stress, because I knew I would be able to find the answer though the steps you teach.  Once again thank you for providing your class.

Mark George / FST-Network

TDS Telecom

License: LVT305440


Hello Steve, I just wanted to take a minute to let you know how helpful your course was in my success of passing the Georgia exam.  Without a doubt, had I not taken your class, I would NOT have been properly prepared to pass the test on my first attempt.  In fact, when I noticed others arriving at the testing center without the blue Power Learning book bags, I was thinking: "good luck"!


I benefited greatly from using your book tab system and assigning questions that I needed to come back to the proper resource book needed to find the answer.  Your sound system and projector screens were obviously professional grade, allowing me to hear and view the class work without a problem.  Your pace  was carefully planned and well presented.  The room seating allowed plenty of elbow room without disturbing your neighbor.  You lived up to one of your first statements of "this ain't no party" and kept the conversations focused on the topic at hand, not allowing storytelling and commentary from those in attendance.  Not to say the class wasn't a good time without it's humorous moments, but I never found myself thinking "come on, let's go" during any of the four days I was there.  In short, you take the class seriously and you deliver what your marketing promises.  After that, it's up to the attendee to study and apply the course work in order to successfully pass the exam.  Hats off, also, to Cecelia and Joey for addressing the "behind-the-scene" details.

Word to the wise: If you're serious about passing the Georgia low voltage exam, take Steve Dale's class! 

Second piece of advice:  Buy the complete reference library from Steve prior to attending and you'll have everything you need to get started.

My only regret is that you don't teach classes for more states!  If you ever expand, I'll be there. Best wishes for continued success...

Doug Williams / President

Securitec One, Inc.

License: LVU406183


Mr. Dale, I am glad to share the following about your course and Power Learning Systems. I want to let everyone know that Steve Dale’s program is the course you want to choose if you want to learn the material and pass the low voltage exam.  I looked online at a number of different courses and study options.  In the end, none of the other websites I looked at measured up to the wealth of information I found at the Power Learning System’s website, and with Mr. Dale’s background, career and education, no other program made sense to me.  In my opinion, Power Learning Systems offers an “all in one solution”, and their website contains not only information about Mr. Dale’s course, but also links to all the other pertinent information that I needed.  There were also online study materials that were available, in addition to the course materials and the classes.  Don’t waste your time with other programs, this is the one you want.

Finally, when I checked out the “about the instructor” link on their website www.LowVoltageExam.com  Steve indicates the following under his pictures, “My mission is to provide to you an effective educational means to pass the State of Georgia licensing exam. I will personally work with you to reinforce your success.”  I am glad to say that Mr. Dale and his staff did that for me.  He gave me everything I needed to learn the material, and I passed the exam.

Thank you Steve for the incredible program, and for the professional support you offer us before and after the exam. Sincerely,


Alan Buchanan / AOS Engineer

Allen Organ Studios, Inc.

License: LVG105493


Dear Steve, Your Low Voltage Prep Class was great and very informative. I think the custom book tabs that I purchased from you had a great impact on my passing the test. Also, your outline of things to highlight in my books made my study time more efficient. This allowed me to eliminate certain areas of each book that would not be relevant to my test, thus making all this material seem not so overwhelming. If I hear of anyone else wanting to get their Georgia Low Voltage License, I will definitely send them your way!


I would also like to compliment your staff on helping me through the process of enrolling for the test. They were very knowledgeable and very friendly. Thanks,

Darin Tatum / Technology Maintenance Specialist

Cherokee County Board of Education

License: LVG105501


Your course was a BIG help in passing this exam. You automatically think, just because it’s an open book test it should be easy.  Let me be the one to tell you, it’s not!  You have to know where to find the answers and without Steve’s direction, it could have looked really bad for me.  I am thankful that I was able to take this course prior to the exam.  Thanks Steve, for helping me Pass the Exam! 

Vince Tayag / FST-Network

TDS Telecom

License: LVT305446


My name is Harriss Brown and I have a small business in South Georgia, installing satellite systems, AV Systems and now security systems.  I was very pleased with the class and the only reason I can list my LVA number on this testimonial is because of Steve.  He helped me when I had questions, even before I signed up for his class.  After completing the forms and was approved to take the exam, I signed up for the class and attended in January 2010 for three days.  About two hours into our first session I realized that I knew nothing about how to look up the answers to the questions that would be on the test.  Make sure you purchase Steve’s tabs because I had some other tabs already in a few of the used books I had purchased and they were nowhere near as good as the ones I purchased from Steve’s company.  After completing the class I felt nervous but prepared (I always get nervous before tests). I took the test and just knew I had not passed! During the test, I didn’t follow Steve’s advice and ended up spending too much time on a few of the tricky questions.  I shouldn’t have worried as much as I did, but a few weeks later I got the long awaited email.  I passed! Thank you so much for helping me achieve this goal in my life.  I can’t say enough about how much I would recommend taking this class.  Thanks again.


Harriss Brown / Owner


License: LVA205845


Steve, First, I want to thank you for your time and dedication to your business.  Your suggestions for study, your study guides, outline of material, and personal attention at the workshop made the journey of passing the test much easier.  I know when I first received my course materials, I was a bit overwhelmed by the amount of information that we are expected to master for the exam; yet, your system made the suit case load of books very manageable and easier to learn.  I can say that when I arrived at the testing center that I was relaxed, prepared, and educated in the materials at hand…There is no-way I have could of done it without your system.  You said many times during the workshop, “It will not be easy.”  I couldn’t agree more, it wasn’t easy; however, with some hard work and implementing your system it is very obtainable.  Your dedication is apparent and your system is unbelievable. Have fun and enjoy Life,

Kraig Ware / President


License: LVG105504


Steve your workshop was definitely the key piece in helping me pass the exam.  The tabs and methods you use in breaking down every question made taking the exam easier than expected.  I recommend to anyone preparing for the exam to take the time to attend the workshop.  It's definitely worth it!!  I studied the books for two months prior to the class, but I learned more in two days at this workshop.  Thank you Steve and I'll be recommending your workshop to anyone looking to pass the exam!!

Jeff Miller / Aerial Foreman

Airo Cable Construction

License: LVG105496


Steve, thank you so much for your help preparing me to take the exam.  I have to admit that I was worried about all of the content on the exam but your techniques worked effectively and efficiently.  After 3 days in your workshop I really felt prepared for the exam and was confident that I could pass.  Without the workshop there is no doubt that I would have struggled with the exam.  This exam is difficult, but you are truly a "Success Coach" and coached me all the way to a passing score. Thank you again.


Michael Stuart / FST-Network

TDS Telecom

License: LVT305445


Steve, thank you for one of the most professional and instructional seminars I’ve ever attended. You class was informative and helped a great deal in my success in passing the examination. I have recommended your seminar to a friend of mine.  Thanks again,

Wayne Foster / President

Jamtech Communications, Inc.

License: LVT305448


Steve, Thank you for the outstanding 3 day workshop in preparation for the telecom low voltage test.  I thought the class was an excellent tool to prepare for this test.  The class content was very direct and practical. I appreciated the get down to business work ethic.  I know very well from the past 20 years of experience in this industry that it can be very easy to get off track in a large classroom setting with war stories from the peanut gallery but your managed the “peanuts” very well.  I am still in awe at the amount of books that were needed but more to the point I was impressed with your ability to review all of the content in the allotted time. Thank you again for a job well done! Sincerely,

John Bluff / Installation Operation Manager


License: LVT305452


Prior to taking the exam 2 years ago I looked into taking the class with Steve Dale. I thought that the class was too expensive. When I took the exam 2 years ago, I failed it.  When I recently decided to re-take the exam, I looked into Steve Dale's classes again. This time I decided to register and take the class. Well I need to let you know that the class was well worth the money. Steve Dale is a wonderful instructor and mentor. He taught us through various lectures and exercises how to process the questions. Thanks to Mr. Dale I passed my low voltage exam.  I would highly recommend this class to anyone taking low voltage. The information you gain is priceless.


Marc Remy / Technician

Frontier Unlimited

License: LVU406184


In the past I’ve participated in test prep classes and have always been disappointed.  What a difference at Power Learning Systems.  Steve Dale has got it down to a science.  Knowing that I needed help, but reluctant because of past disappointments, I started the class with much trepidation.  Now having finished the class, passed the test, and secured the Georgia LVU license, I can sincerely say that I can’t imagine having done it without Steve’s help.  He not only knows the subject but more importantly he knows how to share his knowledge.  He taught me how to tame the great volume of information.  He taught me how to find the answers.  He taught me invaluable test taking strategies I’ll take with me in any future tests with which I’m challenged.  This is a tough test, but if you listen to Steve and follow his advice, you will pass the test.  If you have any doubts about Steve and his remarkable ability to escort you through this challenge, please contact me at your convenience and I’ll gladly share my first-hand success.  Steve, thank you so much for your guidance and wisdom and best wishes to you and your future students.

Virgil Bramlet / General Manager

Alert Security Services

License: LVU406171

Steve, When I received the required books for the exam, I was a bit overwhelmed. However, I signed up for the PLS class and it was worth every penny!! This exam would have been impossible for me without taking your prep class first. Thanks for helping me achieve my goal to become a low voltage license holder. Best Regards,

Hunter Pardue / Owner
Pardue Sound and Security, Inc.
License: LVA205849

There is no way that I would have ever passed this test, without taking this course. From the time I walked in I was taken care of, and let me tell you I am not a book guy or a school guy. I am a PROCRASTINATOR  and was for sure going to fail this test the 7th time but at least I would know a lot for the 5th I say that because I did not open a book at all to do anything but tab. And if it was not for the structure, passion and time that Steve has put into this course I would not have had a chance. It has also gave me the opportunity to meet a great number of people in a field that I LOVE. Thank You

Steve Beglane / Owner

A Data and Voice Specialist, Inc.

License: LVG105473


Steve, just want to thank you and your team for helping me pass the exam on the first attempt!  I have been in the field for 12 years and would have found it difficult passing and making my way through all of the books without your help.  

Robert Bull / Vice President of Technical Services

Cam Connections, Inc.

License: LVU406186

Hey Steve, Enjoyed the class, you did a great job! Thank You,


Alan Tichy / Owner

MAC Communications

License: LVG105502

My name is Charles Hendricks and I am a Licensed Electrical Contractor (EN21211) and own a small business in Bartow Georgia, H&H Electrical Services Inc.  I would like to take a minute and thank the great people at Power Learning Systems.  The experience I encountered with these friendly people from the time I called and inquired about the class right up to the email letting me know that I had passed the exam was very professional and pleasant.  Even with previous knowledge of the NEC, there is no way I could have passed the exam without their help and organization. Steve Dale is truly a "Success Coach".  I believe he had more confidence in most of us than we did.  When class begins he is all business and mainly concerned with you passing the exam.  The class was informal and very well paced.  The days were long but not boring and the atmosphere of the class room was great.  Steve has so many helpful tips it would be hard for me to list them all.  My two favorites were the tabs and sheet organization for the actual exam taking.  That was awesome and brilliant.  All in all my experience was great and exciting and I strongly recommend this company and great people to anyone who desires to become a Low Voltage Contractor.  You can't put a price on the assuredness you have when you take the exam.


Steve I will pray for you and yours, September GOD richly bless you, your family and all that you do. Thanks again, could not have done it without you.

Charles Hendricks / Technical Services Apparatus Technician

Jefferson Energy

License: LVU406145, EN212111

Hey Steve, Wow, that was exciting news!!  I could not have done it without you buddy!  Thanks for the class and all the advice.  I followed your system and it worked for me!!  I cannot thank you enough for the help in passing the unrestricted exam.  The test taking skills you taught me will be forever valuable.  My accomplishment is not simply attributable to dedication and hard work.  I have grown and prospered over the years because I found some great friends like you who gave me loyal support and guidance along the way.  Anyone reading this and preparing to take this difficult exam, Steve is your man!  The atmosphere at the workshop was focused and professional and the staff was polite and helpful.  Steve would tell you that "life is an unending succession of opportunities".  Don't let this one pass you by.  I'm glad to be a part of the Power Learning Systems fraternity of men and women willing to work hard to succeed.  As we say in Georgia, "Preciate It!"

John Edmondson / President

Edmondson Technologies, LLC

License: LVU406141

Thanks Steve! Your class was fantastic.  There was a tremendous amount of information and you did a great job of instilling the information in an easy to process way.  I went home every night exhausted, and yet still wanting to review and study.  Having been in the telecom, networking and alarm business for 30 years, I dare say I knew a considerable amount about the industry.  But, without the class, and your teaching technique, I doubt I would have passed the test.  I know it would have been MUCH more stressful!  Thanks again for your tutoring, encouragement, and attitude.  It is refreshing to see someone as interested in the success of others as you are.  Job well done

Michael Mendenhall / CEO

Assured Integrity Services, Inc.

License: LVU406153

I would like to inform anyone interested in attending the Power Learning System Class in an effort to pass the Georgia Low Voltage that you will not be making a mistake.  As everyone September already be aware the test is extremely difficult and the class was nothing less than extremely beneficial.  Although the class is very fast paced due to the amount of information covered it truly lies down the ground work for your achievement in passing the exam.


Patricia Wessel / Security Manager

CAV Security Systems

License: LVA205841

Steve, I contemplated attending your workshop for almost 12 months. With my study skills, I was concerned that my time would be wasted attending your workshop then to take the exam and not pass. When I finally registered and received your package of books and information in the mail, my heart went to my throat. I asked myself, "How will I be able to know all of this and pass the exam in such a short period of time."  Within the first 45 minutes of your workshop, I realized that with your help I would pass the exam. Without your guidance as well as the workshop, I would not have been able to pass the exam.  And, yes, I did pass the exam. Thanks again for all your help!

Chris Heywang / Manager-Foreman

Dusk Till Dawn Landscape Lighting, Inc.

License: LVG105480

Hi Steve, Your Low Voltage Exam and Prep Workshop was outstanding! I'm certain that I would not have been able to pass the test without it. Your workshop was lively, informative, and yes, even entertaining. It gave me all the tools and the confidence needed to easily pass the licensing exam. Thank you, thank you, and thank you!

Michael Brennan / CEO

Network Concern, Inc.

License: LVG105475

Dear Steve, I wanted to thank you for your workshop. It truly helps anyone that participates in it to pass the exam. It is simply the most effective, efficient, and explanatory course that I have ever taken. What helped me the most from your course is the level of self confidence that I got from it. Thank you again and the best of luck with the new candidates. Sincerely,


Roberto Fernandez / President

Alerta Digital Technologies

License: LVA205833

Your strategies for success works, I am amazed how easy it is to find the answers on the test. This method works very well for us. We all got different test, based on conversation after the test, and for all the class to pass is truly a great testament of how well your strategies work.


Lennox Phillip / Fire Alarm Technician

Edwards Services

License: LVU406166

Thank you very much for all your help with the entire process of getting my unrestricted low voltage license. Without you and your team I do not feel I could have made it thru the first time around. The class was informative, entertaining and to the point. The only method I would recommend for PASSING THE EXAM is Power learning Systems. PLS took all the stress off of taking the test with an order and a plan and it works. Thank you!


Dennis Mock / Salesman

Safepro Security LLC.

License: LVU406154

Steve, Thanks to you and your staff for a great class! I strongly considered getting the books and trying the test on my own.  I decided to try your class after looking at the website and reading some of your previous students' testimonials.  After spending almost six hours on my first practice test, I was really glad I decided not to go it alone.  You really had us well prepared for the test but your time saving strategies for actually taking the test were invaluable.  I don't think I could have gotten my time down to four hours without some of your great tips. Thanks again and best of luck.


David Yates / Director of Engineering

Madison Group, Inc.

License: LVT305436

Steve, I would like to thank you and your staff on the work shop and the tools that you gave us to assist us in taking the low voltage test for Georgia. What I got from your workshop was how to search for an answer quickly and not jump from one reference book to another.  The test was 4 hours long and I had checked all of my answers three complete times before the 6th hour was up and felt very confident that I had passed the test. There were 8 questions that I had answered wrong and was able to get the correct answer by using your methods. Thanks for all the help before, during and after the work shop I would and will recommend your company to anyone that is taking this test. Great job


Andy McQuigg / Owner

MW Technological Solutions

License: LVT305431

Thanks for the wonderful news!!!!!!  I was going back and forth for a while and really wondered how I did. The class you had was 5th to none. Very well put together and I can truly say that I left with more than I came in with . Also, I take my "new tools" with me out in the field and on the work-site to have as a ready reference when I need them.  I am a Network Engineer and I work in Datacenters and we are always doing projects as it relates to Low voltage work. I also do cabling and LV equipment installations on the side.


Milton Robertson / Owner
Practical Applications

License: LVU406161

I would like to thank Steve and he's team for a job well done. The Powering Learning Team was able to make the class very easy and teaching of the books a breeze! I would recommend the Power Learning team to anyone and in the future I will send all of my employees to them! Plus keep in mind the Knowledge that you will receive from taking this class! Thank you,

Jonathan Whaley / Alarm Tech

Division One Security Solutions, Inc.

License: LVU406163

Steve: Just wanted to drop you a line to say Thanks. As you know, I passed the Low Voltage Unlimited Test. I know (because I have tried) that I would not have passed without your help. Your method of study and testing has proven itself and I will use you if and when I will be taking exams in the future. The class experience and results of the test prove your class well worth the time and money. Again Thanks,


Corbett Bowen / President

C.A.B Enterprises, Inc.

License: LVU406136, Non-Restricted Electrical Contractor 1994 - LVU-2010

I feel Steve was instrumental in my passing the GA Low Voltage exam. His "Strategies for Success" was apparently just what all the students needed, we had a 100% passing rate. Congratulations to Steve and all my classmates for success with the GA test. I highly recommend anyone considering the exam to take Steve's class first.

Walter Harper / Service Technician
Pye Barker Fire and Safety Company

License: LVA205222

Steve, Thank you for all your help in passing this difficult exam. Your strategies were very effective and the simplicity is genius.  Anyone trying to take this exam MUST take your class if they want to pass.  Thanks again!


Rush Faren / Owner

Imagine Audio LLC

License: LVT305425

Thanks - I'm glad everybody passed!!  Thank you so much for getting me ready- I wouldn't have made it without you.


Charlie Mathews / Project Manager

License: LVU406152

Steve Dale, thanks for a great class.  I really learned a lot and I feel I did great on the exam.  Thanks,


Donnie Richards / Vice President of Operations

Network Cabling Infrastructures, Inc.

License: LVU406160

I want to give a big THANK YOU! to Steve and the crew at PLS for helping me PASS THE EXAM! The strategy you gave us was unique and it made a lot of sense. I don't think I would have passed doing it any other way. You were very helpful from the first time I called to inquire all the way to calling to telling me I passed. God Bless you all! Also thanks for giving me the pair of reading glasses. Your the Best!

Kenya Jackson / President
Cable Communications, Inc.

License: LVT305412

Dear Steve, It is with great pleasure that I thank you for the workshop I attended in Atlanta. I have attended many workshops and seminars and this was by far the best.

It not enough to just say AWESOME!!!!!

Charles A. White / Electrical Contractor

Bryco Fueling Solutions, LLC
License: LVU406126


Hey Steve, I'll have to admit I had my doubts about all that highlighting and not being able to complete it all on time. But once I went home and did it all I felt more comfortable. The end of class test was a great morale booster each day letting me know where I stood. Emphasis on the most commonly asked questions were a great tip off to the real exam. Supplemental tabs were a great help. My advice to all, do your practice tests at home before attending the course, they will allow you to identify your weaknesses first.

Rudolph Lee / Senior Technician

Integrated Gates and Access Systems
License: LVA205824

I stumbled on this course by accident and at first I didn't think I would use it.  After checking, I thought Septemberbe I'd better give it a try. I signed up and got the practice material, looked it over and then tried out the practice exams. 2 hours and only 10 answered questions later, I was a very frustrated individual. I had no idea that the books we are allowed to use for testing could be so hard to find the information for answering questions. With practice I was able to get my time down to 10 questions an hour, or so, but that still left me without hope of passing the test.

When I got to class, Steve was saying he was confident we'd all pass if we just kept up with him. By now I really didn't believe it was possible, but I was not going to see my money go down the drain without a fight. I tell you what, the class was exhausting and the material was coming at us at a fast pace, but Steve set me straight on the flow of the books and made it easy when I was actually taking the exam. I was confident I had passed the State exam after I was done. If you don't know your way around those books, this is the course for you. It will take some effort on your part, of course, but your chances of success grow exponentially. I highly recommend this course.

Phil Reece / Owner
ETC Home Entertainment Systems

License: LVG105466

Steve, Just wanted to let you know that I found your class to be concise and exactly what was needed for me to pass the exam. Almost all of the material that we covered in the workshop was a question on the test. The workshop was an excellent value and I would recommend it to anyone preparing to take a test for their low voltage license. Thanks again,

Mike Knowles / Field Technician
Installation and Service Technologies, Inc.

License: LVT305413


I talked to several low voltage contractors who had taken the Georgia low voltage exam three time before they passed. They did not attend Steve Dale's workshop. Passing the exam is not about what you know in your day to day operations of your low voltage business. Passing the exam is knowing HOW to pass the exam. That's what Steve Dale showed me in four days! If you are in the low voltage industry and need to pass the LV exam, I STRONGLY advise you to spend the few dollars for the books and the workshop. Don't waste your time, just GO TO THE WORKSHOP, THEN TAKE THE EXAM. Thanks Dale!

John Alexander / Vice President of Technical Operations
A-Alarm Security Company, Inc.

License: LVU406105


When I received my books for this exam I felt overloaded about this test. I had no idea on where to start so I started on the internet looking for a class. After seeing how many workshops I could choose from I started to research all the workshops. When I came across Power Learning Systems I knew this was the one to attend. After taking the test now I know there was no way I could of passed without Steve’s system. He breaks it down to where you can find the info you need, without this class it would be very difficult to complete this test with the time you are limited to. I took the unrestricted test and would not of passed had it not been for Steve's system. I strongly recommend you take this class no matter which low voltage test you are taking. 

Barrett Crain  / Owner
U.S. Security Systems

License: LVU406110


Steve, your class was great and very informative. I had a choice of 2 other cheaper classes that were only 2 days long but there is no doubt that your class was the right choice. There is no way that we could have covered that much info in 2 days in the others that we covered with you in 4 days. It was long and fast paced but your class was a great confidence booster for me and there is no doubt in my mind that not only did you help me prepare for that test but you showed me the skills to pass any other test that comes my way. My money was well spent my friend! Thanks and many blessing to you and yours,

Chris Simmons / Owner
All Wired Up!

License: LVU406124


Steve, Congrat’s on the 98% - that makes quite a difference in total participation!  Way to go! A quick summary of what I took away from the class you offered and why I will take it again to complete the Unrestricted exam: From the start you could tell that Steve took this teaching thing very serious.  The books were all made available in the classroom in the event you didn’t come prepared; markings were handed out prior to class so you could begin to familiarize yourself with the subject matter; and from the first minute we dove into the books, quickly reviewing the pertinent subject matter.  While breaks were not too frequent, it allowed the smokers a chance for a puff and the non smokers time for a quick head call and some fresh air – from there it was back to the books, on a mission. We had tons of content to cover so depending on whether you were there for Alarm, General, Telecom or Unrestricted, the associated time in the classroom corresponded. Steve teaches in a fairly quick paced, but relaxed style covering the solvent points and making note when very important subject matter is being covered.  It’s quite a bit of material to take in, but the tabs, markings and constant review makes for a much easier time when you’re sitting in front of the computer at the testing facility. Steve and his staff take this industry, their job and their business seriously!  They’re passionate about the content, extremely knowledgeable about the industry and academic aspect as well as real hands on experience.  Without a doubt, the best time and money spent, bar none!

Alan Moffatt / Managing Partner
Eworkz, Inc.

License: LVG105464

Steve you were highly recommended by a technician that worked for me as a contractor last year. He took your class and passed the extremely difficult LVU exam. Based on his feedback, I took your class and was extremely impressed in how professional and well prepared you were. It was a lot of material to cover in such a short period of time but you have a system that makes it do-able and without out it, I would have failed. Many thanks to you and the numerous people that recommend your class to others! Not to mention, you’re a great guy! Keep up the great work! Your class is a must for those who want to pass the exam!

Le Var Fraiser / Director
The IT Store
License: LVT305400

Dear Steve, I was informed a few days ago by you that I passed the Georgia State Unrestricted Low Voltage Contractor’s Exam. I wanted to take this time to inform you that your class of preparing us to take the exam was outstanding. When I signed up for the class I had no idea what to expect. You stayed on track and the time went by quickly. All the areas of study were covered and your systems are the best I have seen throughout my thirty plus years in the low voltage industry. Those who feel as I did that the test would not be hard need to think again. Without your system I do not think I would have fared as well. Thanks Again,

Richard W. Appin / President
First Alarm LLC.
License: LVU406085

Hi Steve, I would like to thank you for your fabulous presentation and class. I have been in the business for 15 years and your class was the light out of a tunnel to understand principles and concepts I often heard and thought I knew, but did not clearly understand. There is a saying that we think we know a percentage, say 1% of everything, we also think we don't know 99% of everything; but in reality we know just 0.00001% of everything. My point is the exam was very hard but your workshop clarified what I thought I knew and explained what I did not know.

Frank Fritz / Operations Manager
Vitel Communications
License: LVU406088

Steve:  I want to thank you again for the weekend course this past week. It was extremely helpful at the test, I'm confident that I passed it, but of course I need to wait to get the results. And once again, thank you very much. Follow up: Steve: My experience in your course which I took in January was very positive. I have already recommended you to a friend who's considering taking the exam but wanted to see how I did before doing it himself. The tips you gave us were invaluable and saved me so much time, that I was the first to finish the test in my group. And by the way, your tests were also much harder than the actual test, on the last preparation test I actually only got a 68%, I never told anybody. But in the exam I breezed through it because I was able to recognize many of the mistakes  I had made the day before. I wouldn't want to try to take the exam without taking your course first, so let me say thanks once again.

PS: I got my Georgia State License in the mail today!

Enrique  Velez / Owner
Sound & Video
License: LVG105454

Steve thank you for your help passing the low voltage telecommunication's exam. I am so glad I signed up for your class. After wasting hundreds of dollars on a class from another company which was taught by someone that wasn't even licensed in the State of Georgia. I definitely recommend Power Learning Systems, Inc.. Thank You

Darren Rice / Vice president

Comtrac Sercices, Inc.
License: LVT305403

Dear Steve, Thank you very much for all the help with taking and PASSING the exam! Your workshop was the best! I could not have done it without all your help.  Thanks,

Scott Dowdy / Cabling Installer
Cochran Communication Services
License: LVT305399

Steve Dale and his "Power of Learning Systems" class is a sure fire way to help prepare you for the recently computerized Georgia Unrestricted Low Voltage License exam. 


Steve Person / President
Media Calm
License: LVU406097


Thanks Steve for offering such a great workshop. Before attending the workshop I went to the state website and tried a few of the sample test questions and realized then I needed help finding the answers. After attending the workshop,  I completed the test with an hour to spare and realized there was no way I could have even finished the exam, much less passed it without this course. Also thanks for all the valuable information you have given me since. The workshop was well worth the money. Thanks again,

Lee Waddell / Owner
Waddell & Company
License: LVU406101


Steve, I want to thank you for sharing your knowledge with us throughout those 4 days and your staff for all the help they provided in making this a reality. Your course was the determining factor in helping me to pass this very difficult exam. I will recommend it to any and everyone who wants to make passing the Georgia Low Voltage exam a success. Please continue your quest of helping others. Thank You

Wikenson  Andre / Lead Technician
License: LVT305397

The Strategies for Success exam preparation really helped me pass the exam!!! Mr. Steve Dale goes over everything that is on the exam, actually the pretest he gave us I thought was harder than the actual exam, when I took the test I knew most of the stuff off the top of my head from hearing it in Mr. Dale's class. I'm usually not great at taking test, but after I took the exam I knew I had passed it, just because of how Mr. Dale goes over everything. If you want to be sure to pass the exam you need to take this class!!!  Thanks for all your help, I couldn't of passed the exam without the class!!!!

Clay Childers / General Manager
Best Fire & Security
License: LVA205809

The class was great. Steve made it very interesting as well he gave everyone a positive outlook on taking the exam. I failed the test once before without Power Learning Systems. However, this time it was a breeze with Steve’s help. 

Matt Hardin / Fire Alarm Manager
Delta Fire Protection Systems, Inc.
License: LVU406092


Dear Steve, Attending the “Strategies for Success” exam preparation class has been an invaluable investment for me to help me pass the exam. Steve Dale’s proven methodology for an efficient approach for taking the exam is highly recommended for any future candidate. The quality structure of the class as well as the professional help from the Power Learning Systems team make this a winner! Best regards,

Robert van der Putten / Owner
Outdoor Lighting Perspectives
License: LVG105453

Dear Dale, I purchased my books one week before the exam, I took your class four days prior to the exam. If not for your class it would have been near impossible to pass the exam. Your class was informative and obviously extremely helpful. In addition to learning how to take exams and prepare for the LVU exam I also learned a great deal about the reference books that I will now use at everyday jobs and situations. Thank you so much for aiding me in getting my license and for preparing me for future contracting.

Henry J. Fussell III / Systems Engineer
Prosys Information Specialists
License: LVU406089


Hi Steve,  I was not prepared for this test at all; I waited until the last minute to get my books and didn’t even get a chance to open the book until the day before the class. Without this class I would not even have known where to start, Steve has a great handle on what is important and what is the most effective way to prepare for the test. The class moves very fast and I believe there is a good reason for this; it gets you on your toes and ready to face the clock. You are time limited on the exam and it’s the biggest obstacle you will face. He shows you how to use the books and there index to quickly find the answers you need. Let’s face it , you would need a long time to learn all the code and then you would still need to either remember them or know how to find them , Steve takes care of all that by cutting right to the chase. Without this prep class, there is no way I would have passed the exam… thanks a lot to Steve and your staff for guiding me through the whole process… Sincerely,

Edward Simons / President
Universal Systems Association
License: LVA205813


Steve, I would like to take a moment to thank you for the program you have designed to help future low voltage contractors to “Pass the Exam”. I received my books and study guides from you about 4 weeks before the exam (by no one’s fault but mine). Although I did put a lot of time over those 4 weeks studying, reading and taking your practice exams, I was pretty nervous coming into your course because there is so much to cover. I have to say that after taking your course I not only had the confidence to take the exam, I had all the tools I needed to pass. I can honestly say without hesitation that without your course I wouldn’t have passed. I highly recommend anyone that is considering a Low voltage license to take this course and follow the concepts that Steve has developed. Thanks Steve!!

Grady Medcalf / Director of Operations
West Advanced Technologies Inc.
License: LVU 406095


To me this class was well worth it! I was one of the ones that came to class the first day and had only looked at my books once and didn't take any of the practice tests. I honestly didn't think I would pass the exam once I got in class. With the help of Steve, a lot of hard work, and his test taking strategies I passed the exam! His strategies are priceless when it comes time to take the test and some of the papers and tabs he offers are well worth it. Thanks again Steve!!

Adam Cobb / Field Technician
Vision Quest Technology
License: LVA205810


I would highly recommend to anyone applying for the GA. low voltage license take your workshop. Without the methods, strategies, and content we covered in the workshop, the test would have been very hard to pass, there were no surprises on the state test and I was able to find the answers quickly in all the books.  Thanks Steve and your staff, you do a great job!

Todd Septembernard / Owner
TechOptics, Inc.
License: LVU406094


Steve, I would strongly recommend the “Strategies for Success” exam preparation class to anyone interested in taking the exams. To anyone taking the class, follow the flow of the class and you will succeed on the exam. Plainly put, “Steve’s system works”.  After successful competition of the class, I took the exam and knew approximately 85% of the answer right away. Where the system truly worked was during the exam itself. I was able to reference only one book at a time to successfully complete the exam on time and to walk out of the testing center with 100% confidence that I had passed the exam.  Use the system, it works. I will admit that I was a little skeptical at first, but once I got use to Steve’s system, all of the pieces fell into place.

Tim Allen, RCDD / Senior Manager - Installation Operations
Connexion Technologies
License LVU406084


To Steve and all the Staff, Keep up the great work.... NO WAY, AND I MEAN THERE WAS NO WAY I WOULD HAVE PASSED THIS TEST WITHOUT YOUR CLASS. I Really did not believe I passed, then you called me to let me know that I did pass, I don’t know how to thank you and your staff enough. There are no words good enough to express my sincere appreciation for what you have done for me!!! If anyone is thinking about taking this test, please do NOT do it without the help of this class. It is well worth the time and money spent. I am very proud of my license. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!!!

Malcolm Norse / Install Supervisor
Security Center USA
License: LVA205797


Hey Steve, I did not have much experience in the field when deciding to take the exam. I was nervous about the exam, and daunted by all the information included in the unrestricted exam.  After taking the Power Learning Systems course, I felt confident and ready to pass the exam. I believe I could not have passed the exam without the excellent preparation and knowledge sharing that the Power Learning Systems class enabled me to have. In my opinion, there is no other way to prepare for such a difficult exam. Thanks to Steve and his wonderful staff for helping me get my Unrestricted license!!!! And I mean every word of it. Thanks a million!!!!!

Jeff Oler / Systems Specialist
ECG Networks
License: LVU406063


This class prepared me for the alarm test. Steve presented the material in a very understanding way. He took the time to research his information and was very informative. Steve and his coworkers were always available after class to help you with books, tabs, or any questions you had about the test or material. I would recommend this class for any one going for their low voltage exam.

John Goreham / Electrician
Wayne J. Griffin Electric
License: LVA205792


Dear Steve, As a testament to how effective "Strategies for Success" is, I will have to admit that I didn't study for the exam at any time prior to your workshop and still passed the exam (but you should still study). Your class is very professional and you cover all the bases. By passing your daily practice tests, I was extremely confident going into and coming out of the exam. My family had a great time in Atlanta, and now finding out that I passed has topped off one of the best trips we have taken together. Thank You for helping make this possible. Sincerely,

Adam Wright / Inside Sales
Silmar Electronics
License: LVA205807

I enjoyed the workshop and found it very beneficial. You provide a great service for passing the exam. The exam seemed a bit harder than I thought it was going to be, mainly due to time and location of answers in the books. Had I not taken your class, I would have had no chance of passing. Power Learning Systems is a must for any professional that is serious about passing the low voltage exam. Steve has put together rapid learning techniques and organizational strategies that break down a complex exam into manageable components and put his students on the fast track. I was able to pass the exam with no problem and retain the data.

Alex Beuhring / Solutions Engineer
Blackfin Data
License: LVU406038


Steve, Without question, your system should be taken by all those wanting to pass the state low voltage exam. I consider myself very experienced, and would not have passed the test without your guidance. Thank you for what you do. I can't believe someone wouldn’t pass after taking your course! You have the system.

Michael Buckner / Owner
Audio Intersection
License: LVA205786

Steve, Pursuant to our conversations, the State of Georgia Low Voltage - Unrestricted exam held September 17, 2008 included several involved questions which were cause of concern of my making a successful score. I "Passed The Test". I would like to think I was one of the better prepared folks that attended your prep class due to being in attendance every day and completing the course exams successfully. The course was informative and well organized. Thank you for offering the course and allowing me to sit. Thanks again. God bless.

Kevin Haugabrook / Operations Manager
Rilee Sandkris Construction, LLC
License: LVU406053

Steve, Many thanks for your intense dedication to the students during the Power Learning Systems course this September 2008. It is obvious from the passing rate of your students that you have taken the time to setup a clean and professional operation that is geared toward success. It is not difficult to understand that many of us simply lack the time and discipline to thoroughly prepare for an exam of this caliber. If anyone is on the fence about signing up for your course, I challenge them to examine how confident they are in their ability to buckle down and actually study. Most likely, they will find themselves, just as I did, turning page after page, wondering where to begin. Thank you for guiding me through the whole process from application to final license notification. I will be sure to recommend your course to anyone in our industry thinking of obtaining a low voltage license at any level. Cheers

Grant Kirby / Security Consultant
North Star Security
License:  LVU406056


Steve, your course was what helped me pass that test. I am positive I would not of past the test without talking your course. The way you organize your course for it to be an easy learning system for us is great. It is hard to think that anyone would fail after taking your course. Thank you and your team for the great work you guys did in helping me pass the test, I would defiantly suggest your class to anyone else. Thank you,

Sam Castillo / Senior Technician
Muzak Melody Inc.
License: LVG105434

Thanks Steve, The Power Learning Systems class armed me with the information to successfully pass the test on the first try. Without the Power Learning Systems class, it is nearly impossible to understand the type of information that is necessary in order to pass the exam. Even with all the reference materials available, without Power Leaning Systems to guide you through the process, you could literally spend hundreds of hours in preparation for the exam and still fail. Don't spend your time and energy with anyone else but Power Learning Systems.

Brett J. Wendel / Operations Manager
Allgood Outdoors, Inc.
License: LVG105447

Steve, I have taken many of test like NICET and other low voltage exams and did find your method of taking the exam extremely helpful. The amount of time it saved me was surprising. I will be recommending your school. Thank you for the professional training that I will remember your methods for any future test I take. I especially like the part where your wife participated in. :-)

Charles W Shaw / Senior Engineering Technician
Southeastern Fire Control
License: LVA205798


Hello Steve, Taking your class was a g-d send for me. It gave me the ability to be knowledgeable. More knowledge than I had before and in fact it gave me the confidence to take future tests, based on your methodology with a lot more confidence. I wish I had you for a teacher from grade school through college. Thank you,

Abraham "Avi" Gross  / President
All Cable Consulting, Inc.                                
License: LVA205793

Thanks Steve with your help and God’s Grace I’ll pass. Your class taught me how to use the books and where to look for information. I would ask that you ask the students to highlight the night before to spend time go through the books in a fact finding manner rather than highlighting time. I enjoyed you and your staff. Y’all were very Professional. Thank You.  Follow up: PASSED!

Darrel Wilson / Regional Field Manager
License: LVT305396

Dear Steve, I would like to thank you for all of your invaluable training to prepare me for the low voltage contractor exam. Your class has saved me a tremendous amount of time by helping to navigate the study items. Your class was of great value - thanks for the training and knowledge. You did a great job of keeping the class moving yet changing the lecture methods often enough to keep folks with ADD like me interested. Your offer to stay after class was more than generous, however I was supersaturated at this point and could not take any more data without some spilling out. The time spent with your life examples in business and use of the code (and OSHA) are actually very beneficial. I suspect that many students will walk away with an enhanced knowledge base (even if they are too proud to admit it) as a result of attending this class - this includes many business owners and prospective business owners. I will also add that sitting next to me in the test site on all sides were folks that studied on their own. And the way they studied for the exam and the manner in which they were speaking tells me they September not have been as well prepared. I'm not sure how many tries it would have taken for me to pass this on my own. I am convinced the training provided by you and your company will make me a much better contractor! Best regards,

Bruce Fendig / Co-Owner
Brunswick Pilot Boat Corp.
License: LVG105438

Hello Steve, I wanted to thank you for all your help is passing the test. I am sure I would not have passed the test without your help. I found we went over most of what was on the test in class. I also found the book tabs helped me get to the answers quickly. Thanks again for all your help.

Kenneth Dejong /Technician
D. H. Pace
License: LVU406045

Hello Steve, Thank you very much for all the courage and confidence you gave me. I enjoyed the class and as soon as you called my heart started racing. Thanks for giving me the good news!

Sarvar Demehri / Operational Manager
United Security and Communications Inc.

License: LVU406046

Dear Steve, Here is my testimonial about your class; If you are serious about obtaining your Low Voltage License then taking Steve’s class is a MUST. He teaches you methods that make you confident with the amount of text books you have and managing your time correctly during the test. He honestly wants to see everyone pass. He has a wonderful assistant Yvette that makes sure that not only you have everything but makes every class a smooth transition on a daily basis for Steve to be able to teach effectively. This class will truly change the future of your employment and company. DO NOT think you can pass this test the first time without Steve’s class.

Mike Shelton / Owner

Cable Tecs

License: LVU406071

Hey Steve, the course was absolutely perfect, 99% of the information that we went over was on the test. I really appreciate all of your help, if not for the course there is no way I would've passed. Thanks again,

Greg Cherry / Operations Manager

Callaway Security and Sound

License: LVA205788

Steve, I wanted to thank you and your team for a great class, without a doubt I would have been lost going in for the test. Your team helped us to get past this test so we could move on to bigger project.

Mark Tinney / Technician
Tri-State Data, LLC

License: LVT305392

Hi Steve, Your Low Voltage Class was essential for me to pass the exam. The time spent in your class learning to navigate NEC and OSHA was invaluable, not to mention all those helpful tips you gave us. Thanks’

Woodroy Bennett / Installer
SecurComm Systems Integrators, Inc.

License: LVG105429

Hi Steve, I have been in the low voltage/telecom business for 25 plus years. In that time I have been to dozens of training classes. In my opinion Power Learning, Mr. Steve Dale and his staff were well prepared and the delivery of the course material was right on track to ensure my success as a licensed low voltage contractor. I would not hesitate to recommend the Power Learning Team. Thanks again to all at Power Learning! Best Regards,


Steve Lane, MCSE / Owner
Lane Communications & Network Service, Inc.

License:  LVT305386

Steve, I just wanted to thank you so much for the class.  There is absolutely no way I would have passed without taking your class.  Although some of the class seemed a bit rushed, the overall approach, your incredible system for showing us how to find the information we need, and the cool tips and tricks you showed us along the way allowed me to PASS !!  Until I found your class, I thought that if I knew low-voltage contracting that I would do fine…but truly the only way to pass the class is to know where to find the various NEC, OSHA, and business regulations and I don’t see how anyone can do that without your class.  In fact, you gave me such confidence that, although I got a call the day before the class that a family member of mine had been killed, the concepts you gave me allowed me to still pass the exam even with the personal tragedy I was experiencing…this goes to show your teaching and system works! Thanks! 


Kevin Moreland / President

TecHome, Inc.

License: LVG105444

Honey, Congratulations, You are the best teacher.... and Daddy too!

Cecilia Dale :O)


Steve, Thank you all of your effort and "Coaching" for the Georgia State low voltage exam that I took today. Your style of coaching and humor made these last two days very enjoyable. And thank you for all of your coaching and encouragement throughout the class. Your class taught me to focus on the appropriate material in a timely fashion. Thanks again. I am waiting patiently for the weeks to drag by until the results are made public.


Follow up: Thank You Power Learning Systems!!!!!, My Score was a 91!!!!!!, I Passed!!!!!!, Fantastic Prep Class for the Low Voltage Exam!!!! My dad would constantly remind me of the 5 "P's"; Prior, Preparation, Prevents, Poor, Performance. Steve your course is the personification of those 5 "P" principles. "Power Learning Systems" taught me how to successfully navigate, categorize, and master the information contained in three very thick books, within the allotted four hours of testing time. Steve your attention to detail, professionalism, and unique positive style of teaching made your class both enjoyable and rewarding. Walking your students as a group to the exam testing center and wishing each of them good luck was truly above and beyond the call. B

ottom Line, my time and money was invested wisely in Steve Dale's "Power Learning Systems." Fantastic Prep Class for the Low Voltage Exam!!!!, I Passed !!!! Steve, It was a great experience. Thanks for being so dedicated to your students,

Cary Inderbitzin / Owner
Starlight Landscape Lighting Design
License: LVG105408

Hi Steve – I have taken a ton of classes in the 26+ years in my electrical/fiber optic career and I can’t remember the last time I took a class that was as helpful as yours. That stack of books was a bit intimidating at first, but it didn’t take long for me to feel very comfortable with the volume of information we covered each day. I never got bored, there was no wasted time and you kept everyone focused on the job at hand.  You even took care of getting me to the testing facility; one less thing for me to stress about. When I walked in the door for the test, I felt 100% prepared; what a great feeling!! You will be the first name to come to mind when I hear of anyone thinking about taking the low voltage exam in Georgia. Thanks again for your help, I couldn’t have done it without you.


Diana Carlson / Project Manager
Carlson Construction Services
Licenses: LVT305377

Steve, I would highly recommend the Power Learning Systems Seminar for anyone considering taking the GA Low Voltage Exam (any level). The test is daunting to say the least and with Steve's help and experience passing the test simply comes down to applying the information and techniques that he so passionately conveys. I felt very confident and prepared while I was taking the exam. The techniques made a huge difference during the exam. They are straight forward and clearly explained and demonstrated during the workshop. The course is well worth the investment of your time and money. Everything is well organized and no detail has been overlooked. Great bang for the buck in my humble opinion. Steve knows what he is talking about and you won't find anyone who truly wants you to succeed more. Steve and his staff are all top notch.


Randy Brown / Director of Operations

SafeLife Technologies

License: LVA205756

Steve, WOW!!!!!! What a great feeling to finally learn that I passed the exam, there is no doubt in my mind that had I not taken your course I wouldn’t be posting this note. Steve, on our way that morning to the testing site me and a few of the guys from Miami, commented that you headed the group just like a general taking his troops into battle. Your dedication, support and knowledge are the reason for my Success. THANK YOU!!!!!! Your course is magnificent and the way you present everything is marvelous. You won’t believe this but, my wife was about to take the insurance test in the State of Florida and I showed her your teaching techniques and guess what she also passed her exam. I always will be grateful to you and not to forget Lydia and Yvette. Please let them know they are also part of my Success. Thank you,

Hugo Acosta / Security System Integrator
DST Security
License: LVA205750

Dale and Staff, First, the professionalism I experienced was greatly appreciated. I had order the course and books while I was stationed in the Green Zone Baghdad, Iraq. While my books were getting sent to me in Iraq I was injured and evacuated back stateside for immediate surgery on my arm. By the time my books got to Iraq, I had them immediately shipped back to me in Ga. So, with an arm injury and a loss of 23 days each way in mail time, I definitely didn't think I had the time to prepare to pass the exam. But, I decided to go ahead and attend the course and try to pass the exam likewise. I received my books on the Monday prior to the class beginning on that Saturday morning. So, to have prepared myself in advance was not at all possible. So, I attended the class with very minimal preparation and anticipation of success, but by the end of the course I had exceeded my expectations on all the practice exams and felt very confident on my ability to do well on the state exam. I completed the test and felt that the methods I had learned during the course had given me an advantage that I know I wouldn't have had if I had not taken the course from Power Learning. I passed the Unrestricted Low Voltage exam with high marks and definitely feel 100% confident the money spent for the class was well worth it and I advise anyone inquiring about this course to feel confident that this courses structure was very helpful to myself and my other classmates in assuring the entire class 100% passing grade! Thanks Dale and Staff,
Todd Reagan / Owner
C2C Communications, Inc.
Baghdad, Iraq
License: LVU406010

Thank you Steve and your team for a great learning experience!! Both Yvette and Lydia were perfect hostesses and made the workshop a pleasure! The method you taught worked perfectly and I feel real positive about my success in passing the exam. Thanks again for everything and thank you for all your help!!


Follow up: To anyone out there planning to test for their license, do yourself a favor and invest in Power Learning. Steve and his team go the extra mile to ensure you reach the goal and "Pass the Exam". I have to admit I was a little concerned when I started the process to get my low voltage unrestricted license. I looked at all the material and started to wonder how I was going to wade my way through the many books that are used to take the exam. Then I found Steve’s website and read the materials provided and I started to get excited. Now after having passed the test, and achieving the goal I can't say enough to thank Steve for his system of organization, and test taking methods. Applying Steve’s system and test taking methods I was able to comfortably score a 95 on the test. While others were thrashing through their books I was able to complete the test without stress. Looking back I never would have had the confidence I walked into the exam room with, had I not taken Steve’s course. Thank you so much Steve,


William Holt, RCDD / Director Design & Engineering

TELAID The Communications Architects

License: LVU405995

Steve, I received your call and man what a relief that was hearing you tell me I passed! I’m a fairly competent test taker but “it’s a very difficult exam” is an understatement. After finishing the test, I was really unsure if I had passed it or not. It’s extremely difficult! Without a doubt, I would not have passed this exam if I had not attended your workshop. There’s just no way anyone can know all the answers but I know from your workshop on how to find them QUICKLY. I, like others was a little unsure because of the cost of the course but after deciding to sign myself and an employee for the class and taking it. I now know it was worth every cent. Your program gives everyone the information and techniques needed to PASS the Georgia low voltage exam. Congratulations to you and your team on preparing all of us for the exam. If anyone has reservations about taking the workshop, give them my number. I’ll gladly let them know how difficult the exam was and how extremely beneficial the workshop is in order to successfully get through the exam. Great workshop that taught me how to pass the exam! Keep up the excellent work. Two 100% passing classes in a row has to tell you you’re doing something right.


JR Garrett / V.P. of Operations

Professional IT Services & Solutions, Inc.

License: LVU405993

Steve, I'd like to take a moment to thank you for the incredibly effective study methods you teach. I felt confident going into the exam that I had the right tools to tackle the job. You took the time to answer all my questions and even set up a small study group after one of the lectures to go into more detail. The mock exam sessions put me in the right frame of mind for the real exam and I can't imagine having passed on the first try without your methods backing me up. I will be recommending Power Learning Systems to all my colleagues. Thanks again!!


Rene Lezcano / Installation Technician
ADT Security

License: LVA205763

Steve, Thank you. I feel the workshop did a wonderful job in preparing me for the exam. I could have done more myself prior to the workshop, but things always seem to happen. The 4 day “lockdown” is definitely a good way to eliminate some of those distractions. It was a difficult exam. I work for a nationwide company and I am the qualifier for about 20 professional licenses in several states, both general contractor and electrical contractor. The state of Nevada electrical was the toughest I had taken until the GA LV which I believe was even harder than the Nevada electrical. I think I passed the exam, but I’m not super confident that I did so. Thanks again. I especially like the way you kept things moving and did not allow for “war stories”. Follow up: PASSED!


David Tribble / Vice president

SBA Network Services, Inc.

License: LVU406028

To Steve Dale and his staff at Power Learning Systems: I would like to take a minute and give my recommendation for your low voltage licensing preparatory class. I especially respect Steve’s availability and commitment to everyone in the class. He will do everything he can (outside of sitting in on the exam for you) to help you to understand the process. I would not have passed without taking this class. My schedule is way too busy and I would have never known what exactly to pay attention to. This comes with 20 + years of experience. I can tell anyone without hesitation, if you are planning to take the low voltage test whether in Georgia or Florida, do yourself a favor and avoid all headaches and take Steve’s class. WELL worth the money hands down. Steve, many thanks to you, Yvette and Lydia! I can’t believe I pulled it off!


Gene Howarth / President, System Engineer

Seacoast Sound Inc.

License: LVU405996

To anyone who want to take the GA LV exam: Power Learning System is the way to go if you are serious about passing the Georgia low voltage exam. There is nothing like having someone like Steve out there that knows exactly what you need to get through this process. Steve and his staff are always ten steps ahead and there to make sure you pass. When I sat down for the test and took a look at what I was in for, I thanked Steve and PLS because they gave me the juice needed to pass the test. Steve, you rock! Thank You!


Follow up: I received the letter in the mail today making it official. I got a 96 on the test. Way better than I expected. Again, I appreciate your help.


Hector Maldonado / Owner

DLX Systems

License: LVG105410

Steve, Thank you very much for all your help getting me to this happy point. I genuinely appreciate why and how your methods work. I applied the methods to the letter during the exam and actually found myself with 20 minutes to spare at the end, which I then used to go back again through the exam. I found two more answers to questions that had me stumped. Thanks again,


Tim Swearingen / Owner

AS Communications

License: LVU406026

Steve, Sorry I missed your phone call today. I am very happy about the news of passing the exam. I would like to thank you and your wonderful staff for everything. I was a little concerned at first, reason being, I have always gone by the belief of knowing the answers for which the test would be on. Your system of learning how to locate the answers defiantly works. It was, without question, a new experience for me, a great experience! Thanks again!


Tony Ostoja / Telco Coordinator

CB Richard Ellis

License: LVU406005

Steve, Thank you for the class... I am pretty sure I got at least 90, thanks to your class. My only regret is that I did not go for the unlimited exam. I think I will return to do so after I get the results back from the general exam I took. I felt sorry for the people seated in the exam who had no tabs in their books, as I knew they were at a severe disadvantage. I firmly believe in getting value for your money and the Power Learning Systems workshop is one of the smartest investments in my future I could have made. Cheers to Success!!! Follow up: PASSED!

Adrian Sarkis / President
Home Technologies
License: LVG105419

Hey Steve, I attended your most recent class. I feel pretty confident in the exam, but there were several answers I wasn't sure about. I know that without your class I wouldn't have had a chance. Your class helped me in several ways: 1.) Book knowledge from all the highlighting and conversations; 2.) Being familiar with the books themselves, and knowing what answers come from each book; 3.) All of the 3 & 4 hour prep-exams, its been quite a while for me since I've taken a test, so the exams probably helped me most of all. 5 to 6 weeks has never passed so slowly. I can't wait to hear that I have passed the exam and never have to take it again. Thank you for offering these classes, and I look forward to that very important "Good News" phone call.


Follow up: Hey Steve, I received my test results the other day and I was very pleased to see that I scored a 86. I have never attempted the low voltage exam before, and I was nervous about taking it. I have been in the low voltage industry for about nine years now, but I know now that on the job training will not allow you to pass the exam. Your class was extremely helpful. I could not have studied enough on my own to have passed the exam, I wouldn't have known where to start. With all of the literature that we were given, I would have spent forever studying information that wasn't even on the exam. I know that I owe my success of passing the exam all to you and your class. I was recommended to your class by two of my buddies (who both passed the exam after taking your class), and I have to say, it was the best decision of my future career in the low voltage industry. Thank you and your staff for offering such a professional and well-put-together class and environment. I highly recommend staying in the seminar hotel. I also recommend Ted's Montana Grill, my wife and I ate there three times within the five days we were in Atlanta! Thank You Again,

Trey Robbins / Owner

All Star Alarms & Sound
License: LVU406014

Thanks Steve, I'm looking forward to your call and I believe the class was a huge help with the exam. I used the methods you discussed and all though it was still tough I wasn't stressed out and hopefully I did well enough to Pass, Thanks again,


Follow up: I got a great deal of value from the class and with a passing score of 98 percent. There is no doubt it was well worth it. Thanks so much for your all your hard work in preparing such an effective course and I will surely use what I have learned in other endeavors as well. Sincerely,


David Hallman / Technician


License: LVG105405

Hi Steve, Thanks for the time spent preparing us for the exam. I feel pretty good about it. The prep and test tips definitely made a difference. I will wait to give too much praise until I get my pass. Just kidding. Really, you did a great job. I know many, many hours go into this. Thanks again. Follow up: PASSED!

Cliff Bennett / Owner

Cliff’s Fire Extinguisher Company, Inc.

License: LVA205753

Dear Steve: First of all, I would like to thank you for all your help, without you or Power Learning I don't think I could have be even close to passing the test. I think I did great on the test. I'm waiting for the result like crazy, but I’m very positive about it.  Thanks for everything and for the help you are giving to the future low voltage contractors. Follow up: PASSED!


Eddy Martin / President

Security Systems Solutions

License: LVU406000

Steve, I participated in the January 2010 work shop and appreciated the professional yet relaxed atmosphere of the course. It was  an added pleasure to attend your workshop with such a great group of individuals as was assembled for this class. You certainly threw a lot information at us in a compressed period of time, but I can honestly say that I never felt more prepared for an exam in my life. Thank you for your guidance.


Michael D. Isaacs / President
MEI Technology Services, Inc.

License: LVA205811    

Dear Steve, I used your test taking techniques during the test and it all helped out really well! Thanks, Follow up: PASSED!


Kevin Turner / Owner

Advanced Security Group, Inc.

License: LVG105423

Hello Steve! Your class prepared us very well - you're doing a great job! Please also thank Yvette and Lydia, they were super and were very helpful! The test went pretty much as you described. Thanks for the picture, I'm looking forward to your call, Steve! Talk to you soon, Follow up: PASSED!

Jon Cone / Owner

Priority Media & Technology
License: LVU405987

Thank you for a wonderful workshop. There was no way that I would have finished the exam if I did not use your system. The alarm test was more difficult than I expected, not very many gimmies. I feel like I am more of a professional now thanks to hard work and your system Thanks, Follow up: PASSED!

Nick Tinsley / President

NT Security LLC
License: LVA205767

Hi Steve - my dad (Rick Bradford) just took your class and he wanted me to email you to see if you can send us the two videos you showed during the class. If you could email me the videos, we would appreciate it. Also, thank you for your wonderful class - my dad has had nothing but great things to say about it and he said it definitely helped him to pass the test! Thanks!


Rick Bradford / Owner (submitted by Amy Konstantatos - Licensing Manager)

Bradford Electric Co., Inc.

License: LVU405984

I’ve attended numerous training conferences in the past where it followed extremely disciplined and regimented schedules however, after attending Steve Dale’s four day workshop in preparation for my low voltage examination, I thought for a second I was back in a military environment where every minute counts. A “You Must Attend” workshop for anyone applying for a low voltage license. Regardless of how much experience you have in the industry, your skills will be tested and if you’re not prepared, it will hurt your bottom line in terms of business, time, and future/prompt profitability.


Nick Rosado / Director, Business Development

Smart Home Control Solutions, Inc.

License: LVU406018

I would like to thank Power Learning System’s team for your help. I was in need of help for the exam. I found myself unprepared and running out time to prepare. So I decided to give you guys a try and I was not disappointed. Thanks for giving me  a chance to join the class at the last minute. The class was very professional, informative and timely. To my surprise passed exam and scored over 90%. Thanks,


Mose Williams

License: LVG105424

Steve, I want to thank you for the lectures along with questions and answers sessions, plus the heads up displays, the video and all the tests given.  I had the program down pat which enabled me to pass. With little time to spare for studies, I took your workshop and got all I needed to pass the Georgia low voltage unrestricted exam.


Christopher B. Thomas / Communications Engineer

Cable Broadband & Telecommunications
License: LVU406027

Dear Steve, I wanted to write you a quick note to thank you for the workshop. As a business owner I know how gratifying it is to receive positive feed-back on what each of us chose to do for a living. Let me assure you that the service you provided before and during the workshop goes beyond passing the state exam. By teaching the proper use of the state approved references you are also teaching compliance with laws and adopted codes, in other words, you are teaching the base for public safety and individual professionalism. Whether sitting on a state exam or on a real job site a couple of years from now, there is no better feeling than knowing you can find the correct answer. Thank you again,


Luis Cortes / Operations Manager

Optimum Cabling Solutions
License: LVU405988

Steve Dale's course is a must! With more than twelve years of experience in the low voltage lighting business I found that there is more to know about unrelated low voltage questions that are not everyday practical knowledge of my chosen profession, these are found on the test, and must be answered correctly, this course will show you how to find the correct answers. Steve has several other tips that are in valuable to help you pass the test. I owe passing the test to Steve's course! Steve, I meant to tell you, when I was in your class I answered a question aloud and you gave me reward, a little tool kit along with another little something that you gave to everyone, I packed those two items together in my checked baggage when I arrived home and unpacked I couldn't find either of those items. Evidently the luggage inspectors removed them from my luggage or they were stolen by the baggage handlers. Other than that negative experience I had a fantastic experience! Thanks for everything,

Steve Riggs / CEO

Illuminations USA, Inc.
License: LVG105416

First I would like to thank Steve Dale and his team, you guys did a great job!!! This seminar really makes the dream of having your own license possible. I recommend the seminar to everybody, you have no idea of how much you'll learn. To Steve and his team again thank you very, very much!!!!!


Dayron Vidal / Technician

ADT Security

License: LVA205768

Steve, Thanks so much for the most helpful and informative class I have ever took. I do not believe I would not have passed the unrestricted low voltage exam without it. Thanks again,


William Powell / Lead Technician

Diversified Wireless Solutions
License: LVU406009

Hi Steve, I was impressed with your workshop, your system and the whole presentation. I think you guys did as well at preparing us as could be done, you really ran a professional operation from beginning to end. I passed the test without any prior preparation and that about says it all. Thanks for all your efforts and I would recommend your course to anyone taking the test. Thanks to you I now have my license!


Perry Kuhn / President
PCL Landscape Lighting
License: LVG105409

Steve, Thanks for the help with the exam I would not have passed it without taking the course. Of that I'm sure. You put everything in order and come exam time it all makes sense. Thanks again


Chuck Stasnek / Owner
Sat-Tel Inc

License: LVG105422

The system and workshop created by Power Learning Systems which prepares students for the low voltage contractors exam is a must for anyone who takes their career as a professional contractor seriously. Power Learning Systems has developed a system to simplify and organize the text covered by the exam so it can be quickly found and understood. This is essential for not only the exam but also in the field once you receive your low voltage contractor’s license. The workshop and practice tests administer by Power Learning Systems give you insight to what you will see on test day. I recommend Power Learning Systems to anyone preparing for their low voltage contractor’s license. I know I would not have scored a 93% on the exam if I hadn’t.


Greg Andrews / Project Coordinator

Outside Landscape Group, LLC.

License: LVG105393

Steve, I thought the two days I spent with you were very beneficial and contributed to my "passing" of the exam. To anyone considering, Steve’s program is a must for anyone serious about passing the low voltage exam on their first try. His training seminar will teach you the very best techniques for passing the exam without running out of time or becoming overwhelmed. The "practice exams" you will take each day of the seminar will prepare you for the real thing, and the feedback gained from each will help you to focus on those areas where you need to improve your understanding. During the "real" exam, you will appreciate the section tabs he provided for each of your reference books and the highlighted sections you created during the seminar, which together will greatly assist you in quickly finding the answers you seek. This seminar was money well spent! Steve, Thank you for all your help and encouragement. It really matters.


Wade Willnow / President

WadeWare Technology Consultants, Inc.

License: LVG105425

Steve, Here is my testimonial for this page: “If you need to get a Low Voltage license you WILL pass the test after taking Steve’s preparation course.  Steve will show you how to be well prepared for the test and the techniques necessary to get a passing grade. I honestly believe that someone with little prior knowledge of low voltage applications could pass the test after taking his course. So if you are worried about your limited experience, don’t worry you WILL pass the test.” Thanks!


Chris Early / General Manager

Murray Electronics, Inc.

License: LVA205770

Steve, Your class was what I needed to get ready for the exam!  Running a company and the many other responsibilities in my life, there just was no time to study in the short time that I had before the class. The class did not teach me the answers, it taught me how to find the answers for myself. After all when the test is completed you have to find the answers for yourself!  I did great on the test. Thanks to Steve Dale and his team!


David A. Winstead / Owner

West Florida Security

License: LVU406030

Hi Steve, I want to thank you for a very informative workshop. As I left the exam I felt confident about it. I have, however learned through daily experience of a few questions I know I missed. Isn’t that the way it is? Anyway, thanks again and I’ll look forward to hearing from you regarding my score. Follow up: PASSED!


Craig Miller / I & M Manager

Hasty’s Communications East

License: LVT304725

Steve, Great Class!
Regards, and Thanks,


Michael Miller / Owner

Integrated Home Technologies, LLC

License: LVU406001

Dear Steve and Staff, I do not even know how to start thanking you. God blessed me with you coming into my life. I will have to admit, I almost skipped out on your class because I was afraid of the cost, but I took a chance after I read all the testimonials on your page. Knowing what I know now, I would have paid triple the amount you were asking. You have the workshop so organized and so well prepared. I am 24 years old, a full time Fire Fighter, and I own an alarm company on my days off. Your class was 4 days of "brain sponging" is what I call it, soaking up as much information and reading as much as possible. Taking your class is going to make my life so much better for my family and I. Each year I write down goals for the year, and I know to be successful I have to do this to remind myself daily. If I would have skipped out on your workshop, I don't think I would have met any of the goals that I have wrote down for myself to accomplish this year. If you ever need me as a reference, pass my number out, I will tell anyone about how great you were to me. You offered to stay after class, you talked to me on the phone before and after the exam and you didn't mind if it was 5 minutes or 20 minutes.

I also want to thank your staff, and Yvette because I talked to her mostly on the phone, she is great. I can honestly say the hardest part besides the 4 hours of taking the exam was the 5 1/2 weeks I had to wait on getting the results. It was the biggest weight taken off of my chest when I found out that I passed on the first try. Steve, once again, I thank you VERY VERY VERY much. Sincerely,

Mark Saporita / Owner
Alpha Security Systems
License: LVA205744

Dear Steve and your wonderful staff, I cannot put into words what you and your staff did for my family and I. I included my family because you were sincerely interested in my well being which in the long run affects my family as well. They too appreciate everything you did for me. I would not only recommend your course to someone about to take the Georgia Low Voltage Exam, but I would insist they take your course or be prepared to most likely fail if they don’t. I don’t care who you are and how many years experience you have, Steve’s course and course materials prepare you 100% for this very difficult and nerve racking test! My hats off to Steve and his staff for putting together such a well prepared training program to prepare you to find the answers on the test. I must admit, I was very nervous the morning of the exam but after I got started and began to settle in on the procedures Steve taught me….my confidence began to soar. I was done in less than 3 hours and I knew without a doubt that I had passed the exam. Without the system that Steve taught me and without the course materials, there is no doubt I would have failed. I spoke with the person sitting to my left before the test began and he said it was his second attempt, so I gave him the only business card I had of Steves' at the time because I knew he would be back. This was my first attempt and I made an 89, so I happily won't be back… thanks to Steve. For anyone reading this and thinking of taking Steve’s Power Learning System’s course…..DO IT!! It is well worth your investment in your career. The name of the course says it all. It gives you the POWER to look at the question, figure out what it is really asking, and then what book the answer is in, and where in that book the answer is.


Thanks again to Steve and his wonderful staff for all your help in helping me accomplish my goal as a Licensed Georgia Low Voltage Contractor.


Scott Dallas / President

Valdosta Video Security, Inc.

License: LVG105376

Dear Mr. Steve: I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you have done for me. I most definitely would not have passed this difficult exam without your guidance. I don't think I've ever meant anyone so committed to a goal of helping others as you and your staff. I know you must hear this all the time but really dude your the best there is and I really owe you my deepest gratitude and respect. From the beginning of the application process to calling me and tell me I passed the exam, I felt as if you were my friend looking out for me. I know its not just me you were helping so that's what makes it even harder to believe that you have the energy and kindness for us all. After speaking with you on the phone and spending four days with you in class, I can honestly say you are a friend and if there is ever anything I can do for you please don't hesitate to pick up the phone and call me; (813) 376-8367.

Jerry Piankowski / Commercial Installer
ADT Security Systems, Inc.

License: LVU405915

Steve Dale, It has been the longest 6 weeks of my life waiting for the results. When I got the news from you that I passed all that I could say was, "PRAISE THE LORD". There was a guy sitting next to me that was taking the test for the second time and what scared me the most was that he does alarms for a living, this made me nervous. Your course gave me confidence, it was well organized and very powerful. I thank you and your staff from the bottom of my heart for all your help in putting my paper work together. At first I was about to give up on submitting my paper work, but you were persistent with me. You even took time from your honeymoon to talk to me. But what really convinced me on taking your course was the words that you said to me, "even if you don't take my course I will do all that I can to help you". These words showed me that you really cared.

I will definitely be referring "Power Learning System" to everyone. Once again thank you.

Israel A. Colon Sr. / Field Service Engineer
DTT Surveillance, Inc.
License: LVU405886

Mr. Dale, My business partner and I recently took your General class in Atlanta. We both want to thank you for your professionalism. The processes taught in you class proved invaluable to both of us. I walked in the test room totally prepared for the test and the process they use for testing. I was totally prepared for the exam, and finished an hour prior to time allotted for the test. I left the test with confidence that I had passed. Nick Salado stated that he also is confident that he passed the test. Prior to the exam seats were assigned and I was talking to the gentlemen next to me, he stated this was his third attempt at passing the exam. And the guy in front of us turned around and said it was also his third attempt. Of course I asked if they had taken your prep course knowing the answer would be I explained how you created a process for finding the answers quickly and explained about the pre-class material and practice exams. By the time you walk into the exam room the day of the test you are prepared to find the correct answers quickly. I have a feeling they will be registering for your next class. There is no way I would have passed the exam without your help. I just wanted to say thanks,

Larry Botsford / Installation Manager
Connexion Technologies
License: LVG105345


Good evening Steve, I want to share my thoughts about Power Learning Systems and what your course did for me on the Georgia Low Voltage Exam.

1. For anyone who might be on the fence regarding the investment costs of this course versus the benefits, let me set the record straight. The GA LV Exam is very intense, do not underestimate how tough and thorough it is. You cannot invest in a more secure path to testing success in the GA LV exam than Steve's proven methods.

2. The Power Learning System is designed and presented to give you the tools and thought processes to pass this exam. Steve is very dedicated to presenting you the knowledge base, precise knowledge and testing techniques to get you through the exam with positive results.

3. In my opinion, it doesn't matter if you just graduated from a Technical School, have been in this field for 10 years or are re-testing for an expired license, you need this course to pass this exam.

4. I run a shop where two of my technicians have 20 plus years in low voltage work. These two men, another tech with less than two years experience and I took the Power Learning System course, and we all passed the GA LV Exam. We are so impressed that I have already enrolled two other technicians in the next course. I am confident my shop will have a 100% pass rate.

Thanks Steve, your positive attitude, detailed knowledge of this material and very thorough presentation were key to me passing this test.

I would recommend this course to anyone seeking a GA LV License.

Jim Hanson / Director of Security Systems
DeKalb County Schools
License: LVU405956

Hi Steve, I did not get a chance to thank you yesterday after the LV exam. I really had to leave quickly to catch my flight. I just wanted to say that I thought the training and all your materials were excellent and it prepared me very well for the exam. I certainly would not want to take the exam without that level of preparation. The exam was difficult, but I think I should do just fine. Again, excellent workshop and I think it really helped. Thanks again to you and your staff. Regards,

Follow up: I received your message and my wife told me you had called and informed her about the license. I was going to call you today, but just had too many things going and it slipped my mind. Thanks very much for keeping in contact and letting us know about the results. I have been checking in on the Georgia website every day for weeks and waiting for this day.

Follow up: Just wanted to let you know. I received my score today - 96

Comments: I would like to thank Steve and his staff at Power Learning Systems. From providing excellent study guides and practice tests to their proven method of taking and passing the test, they really do a great job in preparing you for passing the exam. However, most of all I would like to thank them for their dedication and all their efforts to make their workshop as successful as it is. If you want to become a Georgia licensed low voltage contractor, this is the workshop to attend.  

Keep up the good work Steve. 

Dean Edghill / President
Quest Technologies, Inc.
License: LVU405949

The thought of getting a low voltage license was very intimidating. Especially when I saw all the books that were required. Steve came highly recommended to me by a friend in the business. He advised me to go for the LVU class as it would cover all my future business. This is the best class I have taken in my passed years. I could not have passed the exam without this class. I would recommend taking Steve's class to everyone before taking this very difficult exam.

Follow up: I received my examination score of 99 in the mail! (includes my veterans' 5% bonus). This excellent score reflects all of the great knowledge instilled in me, by Steve Dale and staff, and all the many hours of my hard work. NOW I'M A STATE LICENSED CONTRACTOR IN GEORGIA!

Danny Gordon / President
Georgia Telecommunications Systems Inc.
License: LVU405955

Steve, At first I was skeptical of the workshop; but when I finally took the exam I found I was really prepared and didn’t have a doubt in my mind that I had passed the state exam. I know that had I not taken your workshop, I would have positioned myself for failure. By investing both time and money with the Power Learning Systems workshop, I was able to complete the exam with over an hour and half to spare which allowed me to go back and check over my answers. I highly recommend that anyone preparing to take the State of Georgia LV exam, take the Power Learning System workshop first! Thank you.

Alex Alvarez / Field Operations Manager
License: LVA205739

This class was the best thing in the world for me. There is no way I would have passed the test without it. I own my own Home Theater company with a good sized staff. There is no way that I could have taken the enormous amount of time in the weeks ahead of the test to study the multiple books and at the same time effectively run my business and spent any decent amount of time with my family. By taking the class for a few days right before the test allowed me to not worry about the test before hand. This allowed me to concentrate on business and family and not be worried about the test until test time. I suggest this class for everyone who wants to pass this test without worrying about it before hand!

Brian Bergherm / Owner

Georgia Home Theater
License:  LVU405941

Steve, thank you. I'm very pleased with the result of your workshop. I can't believe I passed, but I did. I also want to thank your staff for the support, thank you ladies!


Joe Cepeda/ Owner
Symmetrik, Inc.
License: LVU405946

Hi Steve, I just wanted to let you know I received my test score back and I'm happy to share with you that I scored a 99. The Power Learning Systems workshop really helped me out preparing for the Unrestricted Low Voltage Exam.

Keep up the great work!

Stan Holwell / Security Systems Manager
Dekalb County Schools

License: LVU405960

Hi Steve, Thanks again for all your help. There was no way I could have passed that test without months of studying on my own. You class was very beneficial to me. Keep up the great work! Thank You.

Keith Senatore / Owner
Prestige Home Theater
License: LVA205745

Steve, Thanks so much for your help and support. I'm so pleased that I took your workshop rather than going into the exam unprepared. The experiences you shared and your program that you taught us gave me the edge to take the exam with confidence. I knew that I'd passed when I left that day. Thanks,

Chad McFarlin
Automated Time & Access Controls
License: LVG105383

Steve, I scored an unbelievable 99% on the exam. I learned about the Power Learning System’s Low Voltage exam preparation course from Ken Simpson, a 25 year Bell South Telephone Engineer who had taken your course the previous year. It was his strong recommendation that I take your course, as it was his testimony that he would not have been able to pass without having taken this course. Man was he right!! His recommendation has become mine!  Not only was it a major factor in passing the exam, it also taught me how to quickly reference a subject or regulation in the NEC or NFPA code books. This course has definitely will make me a more knowledgeable and professional contractor. Thanks Steve for putting together such a great course and your help in me achieving one of my career goals! Sincerely,


Russ Ossmann

Tesinc, LLC 

License: LVG105386

Steve, I am out of the country until Monday, that's why I could not take your calls. I really appreciate your calls to let me know that I passed the exam. I want to take this opportunity to thank you and your personnel for pushing me to pass the exam. I can tell you without any doubts that you and your program made the difference. Without your help I would not have been able to pass. Not only did I passed, I also learned a lot of things that were not in the test, which will help me in my business. Thank you very much,

Manny Gonzalez / Owner
Icon Security Systems, Inc.
License: LVU405954

Hello Steve, I would like to thank you and your staff on a positive learning experience I received while being in your training class. I would like to say, without your training class, I do not think I would have passed this Low Voltage Exam. It was a hard four days, but it was worth all the hard work. I hope others take advantage of this class prior to go into this Low Voltage Exam Room. Achieving this license has enhanced my security company. If you would need me to tell anyone about how beneficial this class is, please advise. You can call anytime. Again, thank you and I hope to see you and your staff again.

Jasper Briggs / Owner
JLS Security

License: LVU405942

This workshop was well worth my investment. I believe because of Steve's experience with this exam in years past this give you the necessary edge to pass this difficult exam. When I took the exam I noticed that a significant amount of the areas had been reviewed in Steve's course. The course was extremely helpful and I know that without the course I would not have passed the first time. I highly recommend Steve's course if you want to pass!

Frank Gardiner / Supervisor
Security One International Inc.
License: LVA205738

Steve, Wanted to thank you for all of your help and assistance. The method you have developed for being able to quickly find the answers is excellent. I truly do not believe I would have passed the exam without your course.

Sam Grant / President
Brown Bank Equipment, Inc.
License: LVA205739

Steve, The class was great and well worth it! I would’ve had a difficult time with the test if I didn’t attend your workshop. The tabs and study materials I bought from you were excellent. Thank you,

Russell Waggoner / Vice President
Symbiant LLC
License: LVT305375

Steve, Thank you very much for the class. I would have really been stressed out about taking the exam had I not taken your class. I walked into the exam feeling confident and prepared. I walked out feeling confident that I would be receiving my license. I got it today! Thanks,

Reid Holden / President
Aurora Systems
License: LVG105380

If you want to have a chance at the low voltage exam you must attend this workshop! There is a science to taking this test. Time management, organization and preparation is key and Steve will show you how. It's not only what you learn about low voltage, it's also what you learn about the books from which this exam questions are asked from.

Casey McGlamery / Inspection & Training Officer
DeKalb County Schools
License: LVU405963

Thank you Power Learning Systems! Steve, your ability to stay focused and properly prepare us for the Georgia State LV exam was amazing. I am very glad to have attended and with your assistance I was able to get my license after 7 years of waiting.  

John Rodriguez / Telecomm Consultant
FDV Communications, Inc.
License: LVG105390

Steve, First, thank you so much for all of your help in preparing me for the GA general low voltage exam. I left the testing center feeling very confident about passing the test. Thank you again for the services that you offer. It was truly a very helpful experience!

Jeremy Moyers / President
Moyers Sound Solutions
License: LVG105384

Hey Steve, Thanks for the great class and instruction, I feel that if I had not taken it that I would have been sure to fail the test. I was so pleased with the result that I have recommended the class to some of our subcontractors that will be taking the test in September. Thanks again for the opportunity to allow me to attend your class, the experience will not be forgotten.

Kyle Reid / Technician
License: LVG105389

Steve, I just wanted to say thank you for the very well planned and informative program. I truly believe your class made a difference and would recommend it to anyone who is preparing to take the Georgia State low voltage exam. Thank you again,

James Hill / Owner
Ultimate Wiring, Inc.
License: LVA205741

Steve, I was very happy with my experience attending the PLS workshop. If I could sum it up in a few words I would say...

I would have hated to feel what it would have been like at the exam if I had not attended PLS. I had extreme confidence that I would pass, and I did. However, I would not have had any idea about what the exam was all about and how to take it had I gone it alone. I would not recommend attempting to take the exam without using your system. It was absolutely worth every cent. Thank You

Josh Beverley / Owner
Cleartel Voice and Data, LLC
License: LVG105373

Steve, Where can I begin to express my over whelming gratitude towards you for all your help and support in passing my LVU test. After taking my General test the first of the year and passing that without a glitch I figured taking the Unrestricted test would be the same. When I express my feelings to you, you had me worried a little when you warned me it was a lot harder then the General test and not to be over confident. But you did make it easy for me to pass. All in all I passed the test with a score of 89 thanks to you and your 4 days of thorough and intensive preparation.

I appreciate all that you have done for me and more importantly the company I work for! Sincerely,

Dennis Norton / Operations Manager
Intego Southeast
License: LVU405912

Steve: You're the man! Just wanted to say many thanks for your support in my passing the Georgia Low Voltage exam. As you initially advised your class was intense, but invaluable, as I seriously doubt I could have met the requirements first time around. While the technical information you provided was certainly on target, I feel the test taking strategies you present were equally as valuable.

Bottom-line, you're a class guy and a true professional and I appreciate all you have done for me.

Phil Hudson / Owner
Enchanted Environments

License: LVG105353

Thank you, Steve for teaching me the skills and knowledge to pass the Georgia LV test. Believe me, I was doubtful that this 62 year old guy could compete with the younger test takers. I, we, got an 87 out of 100!!!  WOW! Here is my advice to other test takers. LISTEN TO STEVE! The system will work for you if you follow his lead without question. Prepare to dedicate 5 days of classroom and study. Take each practice test as if it was your State exam. You do not have time for extended cocktail hours and sightseeing. You have 12 hours of class and just enough time to feed yourself well, study, prepare your books for the next day. Five days of self discipline and Steve’s method will give you success.

My class was large, but Steve’s success number for this session was 99%. Invest your 5 days wisely and you will succeed. Best regards,

Freddy Roy / President

Tampa Signal

License: LVU405920

Hi Steve, your power learning course is THE tool to have for getting a low voltage license. The material you went over was great and also the practice exams were really helpful. The highlighting we did in the books along with the practice exams really helped me in getting to know the books. Which of course made finding the answers on the State test much easier. Thanks for all your help, even the help in getting my testing location changed. You guys can handle it all. I would recommend your course to anyone interested in obtaining a low voltage license.

Brad Lord / Technician

The Bradmark Company

License: LVT305359

Hi Steve, Thanks again for all your help. I have been in the Communications industry for 25 years as a Technician and as an Engineer. I have attended many classes and seminars over the years, and your class is by far the best. The techniques you teach for organizing large amounts of information, and strategy for taking the test in an organized manner are great. You have taught me more than how to prepare for the low voltage test, you have taught me a better way to organize information and prepare for any test. Best Regards,

Steve Tatum / Engineer Technician

License: LVT305366

Steve, this email is to let you know how much I appreciate the Power Learning Systems course you offer, after receiving my books from you I began attempting to answer the questions on the practice tests that you sent, let me tell you I was lost. After the first day off your class everything started coming together by the end of the class I was pretty confident after the test I was very unsure, as you know while waiting for my results I called twice and you and your staff were great reassuring me that I probably passed and low and behold I did.

Again Steve thanks to you and your staff, I could not have done it with out you. Sincerely,

Jay Martin
A Business Communications
License: LVT305362

Wow, Mr. Steve once again your training class has help me achieve my goal of passing the State of Georgia Unrestricted Low Voltage Exam, Just think your training classes prepared me to pass the General and the Unrestricted exam in the same year, once again I thank you and your team for helping me achieve my goals.

Keep up the excellent work!!!

Theresa Williams / CTO
JW Technologies, LLC
License: LVU405932

Steve: As a known "poor student", your workshop was a blessing for me. Thank you for the way you taught us to find our answers in the books which made the final test easy. I passed with an "A". I think that was one of the highest test scores I've ever had! Thanks again for your help. It was worth every penny! I've already recommended your class to several people.

Operations Manager
Structured Network Cabling, Inc.
License: LVG105350

Steve, I would like to start by saying thanks for all the assistance. I think your workshop is an excellent way to prepare for the Low voltage exam. Your knowledge of the field is extremely helpful for interpretation of codes. The in-class review and testing is good to help retain the knowledge from the workshop. The workshop was very in depth and allowed me the confidence to go to the exam with less stress and the ability to focus on the exam.

Again thanks for all your help and support,

Mike Muth  / President
Facility Technical Service
License: LVA205726

Steve, you are the main reason I have my low voltage unrestricted license. The first time we spoke you gave me the opportunity to purchase all the books and tabs at the best price available, I know this from shopping the web and discovering the wide price range available.

Your class is the other half of your map to success. The four day class set the tone for the rest of the week. The timed practice exams got us ready for the real thing. Thanks Coach!

Mark Winfield

Lake Oconee Security, Inc.

License: LVU405933

Hi Steve, Thank you for your priceless help and for your wonderful training at the workshop, I pass the Unrestricted Low Voltage Exam, my score was 87, your method of study was great!! I went to the exam very confident because of your training. I'll highly recommend your workshop to anyone who wants to succeed in the exam. Thank You

Jairo Ardila / Service Technician
License: LVU405879

Steve, Good afternoon. I trust you are well. Thanks for the test review. You are to be commended for your effort to insure our success. Steve, I made an 87 before the veteran's preference percentage.

Thanks again for your help.

Scott Arnold / General Manager

Murray Electronics, Inc.
License: LVU405880

Steve, Thank you for the best class I have taken in a long time. I greatly appreciate the effort that you put into the class to make this possible for all of us. I will recommend this class to anyone who wishes to take the Low Voltage examination. Thanks again for everything.

Alan J. Schweizer / Vice President

Network Design & Communication, Inc.

License: LVG105363

Steve, Yes, it is official! I saw this on the State website on Friday night. I am very happy that I am officially licensed. It was a tough exam as you said it would be and I used all four hours. But, I finished and entered an answer for every question!! I thought that your workshop was very helpful and was a key factor in helping me pass the Georgia exam. I would highly recommend your workshop for anyone who wants to pass the test. It definitely made a difference for me. I got my score in the mail yesterday. I was very happy – I scored a 93%. It must be your class! Thanks,

Scott Hightower / President
Remote Business Management

License: LVU405898


Steve, Thank you for everything. There is no way I could have pass the Unrestricted low voltage state exam on my first try with out your help and your class. After taking you class and doing all your test questions, when it came to the test I felt I knew most of the answers and most importantly as you would say "if I didn't know the answer I know where to find it" because I felt I knew the books back and forth. I have others in the field that I have come in contact with and friends that if they really are serious about passing the State exam that they should take your class. Plus after I passed the test your staff continued to help me regarding my questions about reciprocity to other States and I just want to again thank them and you very much for all the support and help you have provided to me.

Mike Brown

License: LVU405883

Thanks Steve, I would have NEVER even come close to passing this had I not invested the time to attend Steve's crash course. During the exam there were some people that we're leaving the exam early...which means they were frustrated and completely unprepared for this difficult test. I watched them leave with the utmost confidence that I was going to pass this without
breaking a sweat. I'm pretty sure everyone who attended the prep class would agree." Thanks, Steve

Gary Cerny / Security Technician

Northstar Security, Inc.
License: LVA205722

Steve, Thank you for keeping me updated and I would like to provide some comments that I hope you can use. After researching all what the Georgia Low Voltage Exam entails it quickly became very overwhelming despite the years of service within my background. The way that the workshop was organized along with all of the helpful tips, training aids, and lessons in preparing us for the exam surely was a ticket to success.  I can't thank you enough for taking the time to develop such a course that breaks the material down in a systematic and practical way ensuring a successful experience.

Follow-up: Thanks for writing me back and I will definitely keep you in mind in the future and appreciate your past, present, and future support. I got my exam results last week and was totally amazed...a 95. Thank you for the priceless direction and best of luck!

Thomas Misinco / Managing Partner

Triton Technology Services, Inc.

License: LVU405907

Dear Steve, I just wanted to write and thank you for your help in passing the State unrestricted low voltage exam. I admit that I was apprehensive at first about spending the money and if the class was really worth it. It was. The information and especially the pre-tests you gave prepared me to take the exam and to be totally comfortable when I took the exam. Taking the test with 50 to 60 people that I had spent four days studying with and being familiar with the location put me at ease and took away nerves I had.

Thanks again Steve. Sincerely,

David Norris / Lead Technician
E-Ready Homes

License: LVU405911

Steve, the class was excellent. I have an extremely busy schedule and I did not have a lot of time to study for the exam. Your class gave me a huge boost of confidence going into the test. Not only did your class point out all the important topics but the strategy you recommended was great help. I recommend that anyone taking the low voltage exam attend your class.

Lawrence Bell

License: LVT305348

Steve, Passing the State exam was my biggest concern and I was lucky to come across an alarm technician that had taken the course with POWER LEARNING SYSTEMS and he passed. I knew after talking with Steve Dale at Power Learning Systems, I needed to take positive action. I’m glad I did. I now have my State License:. Steve, I will continue to recommend taking you’re class. Keep up the great work!

Again, Thank you Steve Dale and you’re staff you made it possible and seamless.

Rafael Diego / Owner

Advance Communication Systems, Inc

License: LVG105349


Steve, I did not have the time to study much at all before the workshop. I was putting all my eggs in one basket - the study course from Power Learning Systems. Fortunately, Steve Dale and his course really prepared me for the exam. I passed with ease and left 2 hours early from the test. Actually, Steve's practice tests were much more difficult than the state exam, which really helped.

Scott Hoptry / Owner
Outdoor Illuminations

License: LVG105352

Dear Steve, Recently I went to your class in preparation for the Georgia Low Voltage exam. After two days and twenty hours of classes and practice testing I came away with my Georgia license with no problems. I must say that after taking your tough practice tests and only coming away with a high seventy average, I told myself that I would use the entire four hours when the real test came. Well, because you were so thorough, and your tests so much harder then the real test I finished the test in two and a half hours. I was prepared for a great many of the questions presented, and for those questions I wasn't sure of I was organized in my searches for the correct answers.

When asked by family and friends how I did, my response was: "The practice tests were harder than the real thing and I feel like I was over prepared for the test I took." This is not a negative comment. I would much rather be "over prepared" than under prepared.

Thank you for all of your time and effort in getting me ready for my exam. I would recommend your services to anyone getting ready to pursue a state license. Sincerely,

Jack D. Gentry / Owner

Terrain Management, LLC
License: LVG105351

Steve, It was great news to hear that I passed my Georgia Low Voltage Exam!! I am indebted to you for your excellent workshop. I spent many weeks going over the exam books on my own and thought I had covered everything. On the first day of your class, I found that I was not as prepared as I thought! Your strategic approach to test taking and how you covered the exam materials was the key element of my success in passing the state exam. I also want you to know that I spent several hundreds of dollars on "other" exam materials thinking that the more information I could absorb, the better off I would be taking the exam. Sadly to say, I wasted my money and time as most of what was in these materials did not pertain to the Georgia exam. Power Learning System’s exam materials including the study techniques and the two day workshop plus effort on my part was all I needed. I had a lot of fellow employees depending on me to qualify for this license and with your help, I made it!!! Forever thankful,

Follow-up: I scored a 98% on the Georgia Business Law / Low Voltage exam thanks to Power Learning!


Rick A. Weinholdt / Corporate Installation Liaison

Troxell Communications, Inc.

License: LVG105367


Steve your workshop was the best exam preparation course I've ever taken. I went into the exam prepared and knew just how to take the exam. I would highly recommend your workshop to anyone who wants to pass the state exam on the first try. I am recommending your workshop to others in my company who want to pass the state exam. Thanks

Jim Booraem / Systems Manager
Wilwat Properties, Inc.

License: LVG105344

Hi Steve, Just a little note to say how much your workshop helped in the sitting of the Georgia State Unrestricted Exam - Not only did I pass but the material was also very educational, and not to mention made a few good business contacts. Thanks for your help!!

Kahlil J. Ali / Vice President
CounterStrike Security & Sound
License: LVU405878

Steve, thank you very much for everything you done to make this workshop possible. This was the best money I’ve spent in a very long time. There is NO WAY I could have passed this exam if I hadn't come to your workshop. It really made a difference using your strategies and techniques on how to maximize our time. I will recommend anyone that is going to take the low voltage exam to take your workshop if they really want to pass the exam.

Thank you and if there is anything I can do feel free to contact me.

Faron Dunn / Owner
Dunn Lock & Safe Company

License: LVA205723


Steve, Your preparation skills were dead on and very helpful. I can hardly wait to find out my score. You had me well prepared for this test. I was seated beside a 10yr electrical contractor and GT graduate. He did what you said huffed and puffed from book to book. I was clam and did take my time with each book. It was great and I hope to take your class again soon for the Unrestricted exam. Thanks,

Victor Woodard / Owner
eProviders, Inc.

License: LVT305367

Hi Steve, Thank you. The course was very instrumental in passing the test in the following ways: The tabs allowed for easy referencing which reduced time during the test; Highlighting the books was a key to studying the areas that apply instead of focusing on non essential information; In class testing prepared us for the actual test in terms of structure; and focus study areas and; Test taking methods was critical in pacing, and question review.

The bottom-line the course was worth every dime. I understand why you have such a high success rate in students passing this test. Thanks,

Donney Massiah / Sr. Systems Integrator
Home Watch Systems
License: LVG105358 

Steve, Great job with the class. I am quit confident that I passed the test with flying colors. I am interested in getting my Florida license via reciprocity and during the class you mentioned a company that assist in this process. I wanted to let you know that I contacted them and they have done a great job at helping me get licensed in Florida and North Carolina. Thanks,

Tim Skipper PE / President

License: LVU405923


Dear Mr. Dale: First I'd like to thank you for the work and effort you put into your review class. I was in attendance the past three days and I'm sure that your workshop helped me pass the exam.

Clarence J. Johnson / Low Voltage Technician

License: LVT305358

Steve, Let me start by saying that the class that you have put together has help me very much and I want to thank you for that.

Rafael Diego
License: LVG105349


Steve, It’s almost impossible to condense the amount of words it would take to truly express my gratitude and describe the absolute value of the Power Learning Systems course. After a decade in the Telecom Industry I thought I could pass the test on my own. I am glad my false sense of security did not lead me down this path as I’m sure the outcome would have been catastrophic. Having taken your course was the best self investment I ever made. Not only did it educate, but it also provided me with the proper study tools and methods needed to prepare me mentally and physically to pass this extremely challenging test. I highly recommend this program to anybody who is serious about their future and serious about getting it started right by successfully passing the State Contractors Exam with confidence. Sincerely,

Shawn R. Walkup / VP of Operations
DataTech South Inc.
License: LVT305342

I want to say thank you to Steve. I know without this Power Learning class I would not have my unrestricted license today. I tried taking the test prior to Steve's class and failed. Through taking his class, Steve prepared me better than I could on my own. The pretests were a good help to get me ready for the class. Reading and studying what Steve told me to read worked in getting me familiar with the books. I knew I needed help and was willing to take every suggestion that Steve personally made. He was always available when I called him and I am very grateful for the time that Steve has taken and takes to keep up with all the changes involved with the exam.

Steve, I thank you and I am in your debt. SINCERELY,

Billy Scudder
Solid Rock Systems & Security
License: LVU405863

Mr. Dale: I just wanted to drop you a note about the workshop and exams. I drafted this the day after the exams, but had failed to send it to you. I don’t know of course if I passed or not, but even with 35 years of experience in the telecommunications business I couldn’t have come close to passing the exam without your workshop. The Georgia state exam is definitely not to be taken lightly. I think I had told you this before, but before coming to your workshop I had talked to five different people all of which are very good telecom installers which had taken the State exam previously. Only one actually passed it. Anyway pass or fail I gained much valuable knowledge from your workshop and will definitely be recommending it to my colleagues.

Thanks and Kindest regards,

John Blevins / Field Service Technician
Siemens Communications
License: LVT305332

Steve, I just got the confirmation from the State of Georgia and I was impressed! My wife asked me after the first day of class if I had learned anything. My response was we were learning to quickly and effectively use our reference material. Don't get me wrong... I learned a lot from glossing over all of the different areas. My final score was 98. Wow! It worked! Your class was an invaluable tool in preparing me for this exam. Thanks,

Pat McDowell / President
McDowell Lock Installations, Inc.
License: LVG105325

Steve, When I first received the books to prepare for the exam, I said to myself there is no way I could read all the books and remember enough to pass the exam. I am a HVAC guy, I troubleshoot the stuff, not install it. I tried to work on the practice exams you included, but I became frustrated trying to find the answers. I called you to relay my concerns and you said focus on using the tabs and index and determine which section of the book the question is taken from. That is the first key to passing the exam. Your course preparation and strategy was designed so well that at the exam I did not even have to look in the books for all my answers. What I did not know, I took educated guesses. My score was 99%.

Thanks Steve, the cost was well worth. I definitely recommend your course to others taking the exam!

Junior Anthony
License: LVG105312

There are not many guaranteed things in life. Steve Dale never guarantees that you will pass the exam. He does give you everything necessary in his course to help you achieve a passing grade. I learned how to prepare for this tough exam and how to find the answers quickly. Steve's course and service were well worth my investment. I wish I had known how great his course was before I had registered for the General exam. If I had known how well his course prepares you, I would have elected to take the Unrestricted exam. I'll be back... Thanks,

Joe Occhipinti / Vice President
NiteLites of Tampa Bay
License: LVG105328

Steve, You are the man! I want to thank you for putting together an excellent program. I can tell you straight up, if I did not take your course I would not have passed this exam. The way you lay it out, give the practice exams, set up the tabs in the books (all seven million of them), spend the time to go through the books with us, and explain and highlight is why myself and the other fifty people in the class passed this tough exam. The first day I was overwhelmed with how much info I needed to absorb in just four days, but after passing your practice exams in the high 80’s and low 90’s I had the confidence to sit down and pass the exam. I walked out knowing I passed. I passed with an 89! If anyone takes the exam without your course they are taking a huge chance with their future success. Please feel free to give anyone who wants a live testimonial my direct phone number. Sincere Regards,

Jeff Santeramo
FHI Security Services
License: LVU405861

The training class was extremely effective, I passed the General low voltage exam and I will be taking the Unrestricted exam and Steve's workshop this September.

Thanks Mr. Steve your class was awesome!

Theresa Williams / CTO
JW Technologies, LLC
License: LVG105337

Thanks, Steve for being such a good instructor. People teach classes but it's the way you taught yours that helped me pass the exam. If I ever take another low voltage test your class will be scheduled again.

I recommend this class to anyone who plans to take the low voltage test.

Brad Vause
Structure Technology
License: LVG105336

Hi Steve, I want you to understand the tremendous help you and your staff gave me in preparing for the State of Georgia Low Voltage Examination. With over thirty years experience and a Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical Power Systems, and no specific training in Low Voltage systems (Alarms or Telecommunications), I would not pass this exam, given such short preparation time.

Thanks you for all the preparation, organization and time you put in the course materials.

Everton C. James
Acton Electrical, LLC.
License: LVU405846

Dear Mr. Dale: When I came to Georgia from Michigan, I drive 12 hours, all time I was thinking, how can I pass this Hard Exam with my poor English. But on the fourth day of the workshop, I feel that I can do it, and I did.

Steve Thanks again for your class, and thanks for your stuff.

Hussein Liddawieh / Electrician
License:. LVU405852

Dear Steve: Thanks for the great news and thank you for the excellent course that you ran to prepare me for taking the Georgia State Low Voltage Electrical Exam. The content of the course and they way it was presented were critical to me passing the exam. I had been independently reading through the books you recommended and found some of it, especially the NEC 2005 were making very little sense to me. Following your very intense two day course which covered all the essential material, I felt I now had a good understanding of the material and was in a excellent position to pass the exam. A lot of the material covered during the course did in fact appear on the exam in one form or another. Some people believe that because they work with electricity every day that they will pass this exam easily, that is definitely not the case. I have a fairly good understanding of electricity, but this was a very tough exam and I can say with the utmost confidence that I would not have passed without attending your course. Best Wishes for the future,

Ian Miles / Owner
Outdoor Lighting Perspectives
License: LVG105326

I highly recommend this class to anyone taking any level of this low voltage exam. You will be taking a class by an excellent teacher that has really done his homework. Steve really helps you to understand the books and teaches test taking skills that are very valuable to passing this difficult exam. I feel that I made a very smart decision by choosing to take this class prior to the test. I would definitely do it all over again. Thanks Steve!

Chad Wilson / President
Telenet Systems, Inc.
License: LVU405872

Steve, When it was first suggested I take your course I was a little apprehensive about spending the money. Even after I was told that 99% of the people that take your course pass, I was still skeptical. You did your best to assure me that all would be fine. I called a few times with worry because I felt I didn’t have enough time to study before coming to your class. You made me feel at ease with encouragement that everything will be OK and I would pass. "YOU WHERE RIGHT!" You had us so prepared by taking your practice tests that when it came time for the real thing it was a breeze.

I would have to say that this has been the first time I was sold a bill of goods that was 110% of what was advertise, Thank you. Sincerely,

Dennis Norton / Operations Manager
Intego Systems Southeast
License: LVG105327

Steve, I would like to thank you for helping me pass the unrestricted test. There is no doubt I would have failed without your class. I would like to tell all you that are interested in taking your Low Voltage test If you don't take this class you will probably fail... I couldn't have done it without you... and also thanks for the digital volt meter.

Shawn Raba / Owner
Creative Networks Inc.
License: LVU405859

Dear Steve: I am very thankful for your help and professional study course. I felt that I was totally prepared for any and all questions asked of me on the test. It was very helpful getting the books and information ahead of time to execute your study program in the manner you laid out. Once again, I can't thank you enough for all you've done and it's nice to get it right the first time and that "saved me time and money."

Steve Tate / Security Consultant
Alarm Professionals, Inc.
License: LVU405869

Although I have been in the industry for 15 years there was no amount of training that could have prepared me for the test as much as your class did. Keep up the good work! I have already forwarded your link to some other friends in the industry.

Michael Thrift / Owner
Focus Communications Solutions, Inc.
License: LVT305341

Steve, I was amazed at the content of the course. So many of us LV guys think we know it all (me included). Your course was a wake up call to knowledge. I gained so much from your program (96 on the test!) that I feel more confidence in my company. Anyone thinking they can pass without you is very mistaken.

Keep up the good work helping professionals to be the best.

Bill Pascucci / Owner

Vision Integrators, Inc.

License: LVG105330

Thanks for all the help there is no way I would attempt to take this test without the help of your workshop. Your class made taking the test less stressful and gave me the confidence I needed to pass the exam the first time. Thanks again,

Steve Calvert / Security Consultant
Alarm Professionals, Inc.
License: LVU405837

Steve, I can’t thank you enough for giving me the knowledge to pass the Georgia Low Voltage exam. With running a company and the other certifications that I have been testing for I did not have any time to look at any of the study guides for this exam until the day before your class. Your teaching and test taking techniques was the key for me to pass the exam. At least 95% of the questions on the exam were covered in your class and I felt that even the ones that were not covered were easily found thanks to your tabs and indexing methods. Thanks again,

Billy Nobles
Trifecta Communications
License: LVT305339

Just wanted to say thank you and that you run a very professional business at Power Learning Systems. As I mentioned I have taken a few electrical classes in the past and think that your approach is by far the most effective. You really care and it shows. Thanks Again,

John Biggie / President
Auto-Focus Security, Inc.
License: LVU405835

Steve, I feel really good about passing the exam and you did an outstanding job in preparing me. I know without your workshop it is virtually impossible to pass the Georgia low voltage exam. I had three weeks to study for the exam with not much knowledge as far as a textbook approach to low voltage. With the help of your study tips, tabs and the workshop, I passed the exam on the first attempt and scored well in the 90's with only needing a 70 to pass.

I have referred 3 people to you who will be taking the next State exam. I told them to contact you far in advance to get registered. Thanks again,

Washington Franklin / Owner
Southeast Auto Accessories
License: LVG105319

Steve, Saying thank you again and again would not begin to express how I feel about your courses. From the very beginning on how you train your students to prepare and pre-study to the very method of how to take the test are the results of an excellent teacher, please continue doing what you are doing for so many. It would be sear nonsense for anyone, even for those of us who feel we are very educated, not to take this course. Even though we September feel that questions on codes, calculations, requirements and everything included on the test are answers we know, because we work with them everyday and sometimes for many years, we can still fail, if we don’t know how to take the test.

Again I thank you Steve. You truly are an excellent teacher!!!!!

Juan C. TaSeptembero / Operations Manager
AMI (Avery Management, Inc.)

License: LVU405817

Hi Steve, Thank you for your enormous help to "pass the exam". I have taken many exams throughout my life, and this one, I would've not passed it without your help. The Georgia test is one of the most difficult tests I have taken to date. Your method must be the only way to success. I would recommend you workshop to anyone interested in passing the exam as the only way to be prepare for it. You really practice what you preach when saying that Power Learning Systems is the key for success.

Norge Pineda
NP Computer Network & Solutions, Inc.

License: LVU405810

If you are reading this right now, you are trying to decide if taking this class will be worth your investment in time and money. All I can say if you haven’t already registered for Steve’s next class is; WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? I had to borrow the money to take this class, and I can honestly say that it was the best personal investment in my future that I have ever made. Steve has spent years perfecting his "Strategies for Success", and with his help, you will become a Georgia Low Voltage Contractor! Buy all your books from Steve as he sells them at cost and will save you hundreds of dollars. It also helps to have the correct books for the class and the test.

Take my advice, if you want to pass this test- TAKE THIS CLASS!!!

Heath Whittle / Owner

All Pro Alarm

License: LVU405822

Steve, I would like to tell you that a friend of mine recommended your class to me and it was the best money I’ve spent in a long time. The detail and time you put into this class is amazing. I was very impressed with everything from the preparation before we arrived in Georgia all the way through to the follow-up. I can’t say enough for the class and the professionalism you and your team showed, I will continue to pass on the good word.

Thank you and If there is anything I can do feel free to contact me.

Jack Tavares, MCSE / Director

Total Network Consulting, LLC.

License: LVU405818

Dear Steve, I just wanted to tell you how much your course helped me pass this hard exam! I could not have prepared myself the way you prepared me. The technique and strategy was easy to learn and without that, I know that I would have not passed this test. I would recommend to anyone that was considering taking the Low voltage test to take your course. IT’S A MUST!

If anyone has any questions regarding this class feel free to e-mail me. I will be glad to answer any questions you have. Thank you,

Terry Skinner / Vice President of Operations

Cruise Security Systems, Inc.

License: LVU405815

Hi Steve, I just wanted to thank you and your staff for a job well done. I have taken many courses in the past, but I have never taken one that made me feel confident that I would "pass the exam". Your course is well planned and I must tell you that I would have never passed this test without your course. Thank you,

Marcelino Garcia Jr. / Field Service Supervisor

Gtech Corporation
License: LVU405794

Steve, I wanted to say thanks for all the time you have spent in preparing the materials for this workshop. The instruction was excellent and the "test taking" methods that you taught were invaluable during the exam. The 4 long days in the workshop were truly worth every minute. I would say this class is a must for anyone wanting to take the Low Voltage Exam! Thanks again,

Thomas Hice / Owner

Security and Service

License: LVU405797

Steve: I would like to say thank you for your help and dedication. I did the exam preparation last August with somebody else and I didn't pass because the lack of update information. You gave me all the weapons to safely do it. Now I have my unrestricted license and I am very proud of it.

Your class was a great investment in my future! Thank you.

Danilo Olivera / Electronics Technician
Fenix Technologies

License: LVU405807

Steve, Its been a while, this is the first opportunity that I have had to respond to the class. The class was a superlative presentation and overview of classroom content that I have ever experienced. I have taken numerous electrical and mechanical prep classes in the past, but none has been as thorough as this workshop. I commend you in the work that you have evidently committed in creating a successful ongoing workshop, and will recommend to others your workshop.

Darius Caswell / Master Electrician

Orange County Government

License: LVU405790

Steve, I wanted to thank you for everything. The class was great! You covered an incredible amount of material in a very short time. The organizational/test taking tips were key. I really feel even if a person knew the answers to 50% of the test off the top of their head, they would not be able finish the other 50% without using the techniques you highlighted during your workshop. Your workshop was invaluable. I commend you for keeping everyone focused on the task. It was not your job to teach us all the material in the reference materials. You did show us how to locate information in a timely fashion and to understand how these books are laid out.  Thanks again. Keep in touch. Regards,

Kevin Madden / President

Group One Safety & Security

License: LVU405804

Hi Steve, Just a short note to say thanks not only for a great class but also for all the extra things you do for everyone. Your pre and post contact were superior to any I have experienced in the past. I have held every insurance license, a real estate license, and been a NASD registered principal. For every license I took a class like yours and none surpassed the content and none the extra effort you gave.

My final score of 96 is a testimony to a job well done. Thanks to you and your staff for everything.

Robert Shomer / President


License: LVG105305

Hi Steve, Your workshop was great and definitely helped me pass the exam. Without your workshop I would not have made it. It is a MUST to do your class for other future Low Voltage candidates. Also your support after the exam with transferring to Florida is excellent. Don't be hero and try to do this test on your own, the class gives you more confidence and this helps you through the exam. I had the exam done in 1.5 hours and checked my work twice. And still I had time left. Thanks again Steve


Albert Roeterdink / President

Vector-SI, Inc.

License: LVG105304

Steve Dale, I just want to thank you for all of the support and encouragement you gave me. This class helped me a lot with my confidence towards taking the exam. I am very glad I chose to take your course. I definitely don't think I would have passed the exam without taking this course. I recommend to everyone who is taking the Georgia Low Voltage Exam to give Steve Dale a call because he has the best course around. Thanks again,

Ryan DeLoach

License: LVU405792

Steve, Your workshop gave me the confidence to pass the exam on the first try. I would recommend your class to anyone that is taking the low-voltage exam. There is no way that I would have passed the exam with a score of 90 if it wasn't for your class. Thanks for all your help!

Matt Houmes

Visual Impressions Architectural & Landscape Lighting

License: LVG105297

Hi Steve, I want you to know there is NO WAY that I would have ever passed that difficult exam without your course! I did not have much time to study before the course because of work. But after a few days of learning and studying using your techniques in the classes, I felt totally confident and relaxed going into the exam! After the exam, I knew I passed. What a great feeling! For anyone thinking about getting licensed, taking this course is an absolute MUST!

Be smart and don't take a chance of failing by not taking the course. You'll be glad you did. Thanks again,

Stephen Gilstrap / Owner
Structured Wiring Inc.
License: LVA205670

Hey Steve, I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how integral your class was in my passing of the January 2007 low voltage exam. I was unable to obtain all of the required books until the Friday before the exam, and with no studying other than your class not only passed the exam but got a 91%. I could not have done it without your class and organizational material. Thank you,

Billy Riordan


License: LVA205701

Steve, Your workshop is the best way to prepare for the Georgia Low Voltage Test! I have taken licensing tests in five other states and passed the tests, but I invested weeks of intense studying to pass! The Georgia test is one of the most difficult tests I have taken to date. With your program I was fully prepared for the exam in three days. You focused my attention on the important areas of study and utilized multiple practice tests to give me the knowledge and skills needed to pass the exam!

Even with over 16 years experience in the telecommunications industry and the other exams I have passed I would have failed this test without your program or dedicating weeks of study time on my own!

Three days with Steve beats weeks with my nose in a book! Thanks,

Charlie Kviljord / Area Manager
Prince Telecom
License: LVT305318

Thanks so much to Steve and his workshop!  I’ve never been a good test taker and without this workshop I can honestly say that I would never have passed the Unrestricted Exam on my first try. The information supplied during the workshop was invaluable (as were the practice tests). 

I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone taking the Low Voltage Exam – it’s a must!


Randall Regan

Envisage Automated Security, LLC
License: LVU405773

I'm a business owner and have too much stress and not enough time; I really needed to pass the exam with minimal time and stress. You can study books until you think you know it all but if you want to pass the test your first try, you need to learn how to take the test instead of memorizing the material. Steve’s class teaches you how to find the answers (and find them quickly) instead of just memorizing the material. Out of several hundred people taking the test, I was the third person finished. I entered the test with no doubt and walked out knowing I passed. I scored 90… and with no stress! Thanks, Steve.

Martin Ryals / Owner

Garden City Sound
License: LVG105283

Hey Steve, I would be glad to tell anyone about your class. It is GREAT, I would not have been able to pass the exam without it. I really love your way on how to take the test, it was the best way. I really studied for about a month and half and that is all I did, I didn't work because I knew how important this was for me. I would tell anyone that if you think you could just study the material and not take your class they still will have a very hard time passing the test. I know without your class I would have never pass the test, but I did. Your class is worth every bit of the money I paid and more. I can't thank you enough. I hope everyone who took the class with me will be successful in life and wish them all the luck in the world. The sky is the limit!!!!

Thanks For Everything Steve, I could not have done it without you.

Colby Girard / Technician

Prothech Security
License: LVA205671

It would be my pleasure to let everyone know how great your class was. If it wasn't for your class I wouldn't of passed the low voltage exam. Your class was very good and gave me a lot of information to have with me during test time and I strongly recommend your class to anyone who is interested in getting their low voltage license. Obviously the fact that you had a 100% passing class shows how great your instruction is.

I wish you luck and keep up the good teaching.

Ulises Caballero
License: LVA205666

Steve: I want to thank you for your workshop that prepared me for the low voltage exam.  Just so you know, I had very little experience in the low voltage industry.  I am by trade an electrical contractor, but I needed my low voltage license.  I came to you and signed up for your class, and it was the best workshop to prepare me for taking the low voltage test.  I know with all my heart that I passed the test because of Power Learning Systems; I could not have done it on my own. 

Steve, what was amazing is that I followed your course to a “T”, I went to the workshop and I passed the low voltage exam with a 93%. 

I thank you for the confidence you have given me for my future.

Terry Hawkins / Project Manager
Pirkle Electric Company, Inc.
License: LVU405761

Steve, Your class should be required for anyone trying to get there Low Voltage License:. Your strategies and techniques greatly assisted me on how to take this exam and is a pure reflection of your success rate. I wish you continued success with future classes. Thanks again,

Brian Harkin / Owner
Elite Security
License: LVA205673

Steve, The training workshop was awesome! It really prepared me in a way that I could have never on my own. Most importantly it gave me a greater understanding of how to interpret and maneuver through the NEC and all of the other related literature. I would highly recommend your class to anyone. Thanks again,

Anthony Cooper
Coopercraft Communications
License: LVU405754 

Great Classes Steve, The class time was very efficiently used. I am not from Georgia, so the local laws and practices section was an invaluable resource for the test. The national electric code was clearly dissected revealing the meat and potatoes we needed to thoroughly consume and enjoy the test. Highly Recommended!!

John Shank
ACS Dataline
License: LVT305322

Steve, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for  being instrumental in my passing the Georgia Low Voltage Exam. I was informed by some business friends and associates that at the time they took their exams they did not know about you workshop. Not all passed their first go around, and are generally considered knowledgeable in their fields. It is a great class that targets your specific areas. It is a must.

Michael Fennell / President
Landscape Lighting Systems
License: LVG105276

Steve, You have certainly spent a tremendous amount of time developing the course material. I have had my non-restricted electrical license since 1986; however, I would not have passed the unrestricted low voltage test with out attending your seminar.

I highly recommend your program and I will be sending my son soon to take your workshop. Feel free to use me as a recommendation and you can also have prospective students contact me.

Daniel Solly
Classic World Travel - American Express

License: LVU405776

Steve, I just want to say simply that your class made a very difficult exam easy. Thank you very much sir.

Roberto Perez / President
Com-Tek Communications

License: LVG105281

Thanks Steve, Believe me, there is just no way I could have passed the exam without your help. There is just simply too much to memorize, your knowledge of this exam is priceless. Thanks again!

Brian Szpunar
Outdoor Lighting Perspectives
License: LVG105267

Hi Steve, The Low Voltage Exam review made all the difference in my exam results. The strategies and exercises given during the seminar are a must for anyone taking the State Low Voltage Contractors Exam.

Thanks for all your help and best regards to you and your staff.

Mike Ward / Owner
Cobb AVS

License: LVG105269

To anyone taking this class, let me tell you, I don’t think I could have passed the exam without Steve’s help. I recommend this class to whoever is taking the exam. Thanks,

Joel Harrison
Delta Fire Protection
License: LVU405723

Thank you Steve!!

My knowledge in telecommunications, fire alarms, burglar alarms and fiber optics is at best limited. There is no possible way I could have passed this test without your dedicated effort.  Amazingly, not only did I pass the test, but I passed the test with an 88%.

All the credit goes to YOU. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Doug Welsh
Mimms Enterprises

License: LVU002189

Steve, I wanted you to know so you can let others know what a fantastic workshop and exam prep you ran in Atlanta. Your teaching techniques and the way you worked tirelessly with each of us to “get over the hump” were extraordinary. You are without any doubt the only reason I passed.

Simply the Best!

Oscar Welch
Welch Creative Lighting
License: LVG105251

Steve, thanks for the class. It was a grueling several days, but it gave me the focus that I needed in order to pass the exam. Your class fit very well with my personal method of test preparation – which is to know how and where to find the answers – quickly. I’m pretty sure from experience I have with other state exams, that I would not have passed on the first try without your class!”  Regards,

Josh Garner
AvantGuard Monitoring Centers

License: LVU405683

Steve, I wanted to thank you for one of the most professional and instructional classes I’ve attended, it is not very often that the instruction meets the requirements of the test. I can attest first hand that I would not have scored a 90% if I did not take this class, I was confident after seeing the exam and felt even better after taking the test knowing that the instruction was right in line to the content of the test. I have recommended your class to a few friends in our industry who are looking to comply with the law and become licensed.

Thanks again, formal student and now unrestricted license holder for the State of Georgia and Florida.

Brian K. Crist / Vice President
MGQ and Associates, Inc.
License: LVU405676

Steve, Thank goodness for your company. Without your excellent workshop I would never been able to pass the Low Voltage test. Thanks to you I passed with an 83%. The study system you have created was exactly what I was looking for. It helped me concentrate on my weaknesses and breezed thru the test with almost an hour to spare. The documentation provided was also excellent. Clear and to the point. Only what we needed, with no fluff. The pre-workshop study list was a great help. Allowing me to study the critical areas ahead of time and come better prepared for the workshop. Your employees were very accommodating and courteous. Always available to make sure we had all the supplies and books needed and that we were comfortable at the training facility.

Since then I have contacted more than twenty technicians to recommend your company. I wish you great success in expanding your services. Keep up the good work! Best regards,

Enrique 'Rico' Nieves
Digital Lifestyle Group, LLC
License: LVG105248

Hi Steve: If anyone has any questions about this course, just have them call me at my office (706-782-7882). I will be glad to give them 5 minutes and recommend your course.  I'm not a good test taker and know I would not have passed the exam without it. Following your recommended procedures, I finished the exam with a little over one hour to spare. This gave me time for review and work on a couple of tougher questions.

I will be sending two of my lead technicians to your class before the end of this year. Thanks!

Lester Ramey
R & H Technologies
License: LVU405731

Steve, Your class made all the difference in the world for me, With an 8 year layoff from the industry I would have never passed the test. And not only did I pass but I scored pretty high, All thanks to you and your class. You had us prepared and mentally ready for the exam.

Great Job......Thank You,

John Steffanato
Homeland Security Service
License: LVU405654

Steve, I would like to thank you and your staff for a professional, enjoyable, informative and most importantly, effective class. I was very apprehensive about the test. Your methods put me at ease and allowed me to pass the test, and not only pass it, but get a 98%! Please feel free to have any potential students with concerns, call me at my office, 386-409-0515.

I am an enthusiastic supporter of your teaching methods and will be using you in the future.

Hal Spurney / Owner
New Way Technologies
 License: LVG105266

To Professor Steve Dale's Future Students,

Today, I signed a multi-year contract with my employer to be the license holder for the company. I was rewarded with a $4000 signing bonus and a 10% weekly increase in pay for the company to operate under the license. Power Learning Systems has opened the door for me to a better future and they could easily do the same for you. Steve's class is right on the MONEY. Without this class, I would have answered 15% correctly on my test. I scored an 86%.

So order your books from Steve ASAP and get the TABS because they will help during crunch time. Empty your mind of distractions and follow the class guidelines and you will be the next Georgia contractor on the block. Good luck!    

Steve Mason
Collier Safe Company
License: LVA205649

I have a degree in Electrical Engineering with 15+ years design experience. I would have to say that without this course, I would have been hard pressed to get through it.

It's not just the pertinent technical info Mr. Dale covers thoroughly, but a test taking strategy that afforded me to finish the exam and be able to double-check it TWICE with 50 minutes to spare!

Bruce Louzon / Owner
RGB Lightscapes

License: LVG105261

Steve conducted the class in a very professional and fun manner. It was well worth the time and money to attend the class. Best of all he didn't pretend to know everything about the test and its content, only how to critically analyze the question then navigate through the appropriate book. He helped me to see the big picture of all the books, so I could act independently. More important he gave everyone multiple tools to focus our time and energy in our studies.

I would not have passed the test on my first try without Steve's assistance. Thanks Steve,

Ross Chadwell
License: LVU405716

I've been a licensed contractor in the State of New Jersey for 12 years and low voltage was foreign to me.  Without Steve’s program I would have score 10 instead of 83.  Steve goes the extra mile and then some.  He teaches, prepares labels, checks everybody’s books to make sure they are ok, answers questions, etc. He knows what you need and how to use it.  When you think he has done enough he surprises us by making it convenient and ensures our arrival to and from the test site. 

I owe my success in a small part to me but in a great part to Steve. I could not have done it without Steve Dale.

Abraham Valentin
Abe's Electric

First I want to mention that the workshop was a fun and informative experience. It not only prepared me for the test but it was a great learning experience. I really enjoyed Steve and his staff and the people like me that were there to prepare to "PASS" the exam. I was glad to see the results that as a class our passing rate was 98%. WOW!

I came to the workshop to "just pass" the exam and ended up scoring 94%. Most important to me above all the other benefits of the workshop is that it took away all the anxiety. When I sat down to take the exam that morning there was no "fear of the unknown" so I was able to think clearly and use the tools that the workshop had provided.

I hope this is helpful for anyone considering whether to invest in this workshop. I can't overstate the fact that this workshop will prepare you to pass the exam and remove the anxiety. You will take the test knowing that you are prepared.

Thank you Steve Dale and the Power Learning Systems crew.

Avery Irvin / Special Equipment Mechanic
Cobb Schools Maintenance Dept.
License: LVG105259 

Hey Steve, Just wanted to thank you for your time and effort.  The exam covered so many topics, I really didn't think I was going to be able to pull it off. Thanks to you and your class, I passed with flying colors. 

Thanks again for a great class.  I can truly say that it was your class that made the difference.


Chris Johnson

Johnson Landscape Lighting, Inc.
License: LVG105244 

I can honestly say I would not have passed the test without taking Steve's course.  Thanks again!

Jimmie Taggart / Service Manager
Mobile Communications, Inc.
License: LVU405741 

Mr. Dale: I just want to thank you. Without your course I do not think I would have passed the General Low Voltage Exam.  You and your staff were very professional, courteous and always willing to help. I will defiantly sign up when I get ready to take the unrestricted exam. Thanks!

Matthew Ostrander
Dynamic A/V Integration, LLC
License: LVG105263

Steve’s class is an essential tool for passing the low voltage exam. It’s really the only way to efficiently prepare for this test. I’m so glad I did this.

Chuck Link
Southern Outdoor Lighting Distributors
License: LVG105246 

Steve, Your class got me by the exam!!  Where were you when I was in college!

Randall Smith / Owner

Entropic Accents
License: LVG105365

Steve Dale’s class was very helpful in preparing me for the low voltage test. I finished the test with an hour to spare, which gave me time to review my answers.

Dan Young / Vice President
Aqua Irrigation Systems. Inc.
License: LVG105252

The exam covers National Electrical Code, OSHA, and business organization. The course helps a candidate save valuable time by focusing on the material that is most likely to be tested.

Richard Darby / President
Darby Lighting & Electronic Design, Inc.

License: LVG105240 

Steve, The knowledge that I obtained in your class is priceless. Thanks for working so hard. Your technique for time management was a life saver and your practice tests gave me the winning edge. Thanks again for helping me achieve a 95%.

Kendell Windham
License: LVU405781 

Dear Steve, Thanks to you and your staff for a job well done! If not for your workshop I don’t think I would have passed the exam. I passed with a 92%! I suggest to anyone about to take the exam to go through Steve's workshop. The indexes and page tabs are worth it in themselves!

Dennis Brooks / Installation Manager
Paloma Lighting
License: LVG105271

Hi Steve, I just wanted to let you know I scored a 93% on my General low voltage test. Thank you for the help in the preparation classes. My company now wants me to go for my Fire Alarm license. So I'll be seeing you again soon. Thanks again,

John Goreham
License: LVG105294

Steve, Taking your workshop left me so relaxed for the Low Voltage Unrestricted exam that I actually took the exam without my NFPA72 book as I forgot it in my hotel room. But we drilled so hard on the information there was only one of those questions that I missed. Best of Luck to you!!!

Troy Hughes / Special Operations Manager
License: LVU405899

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